I am personally committed to cultivating an extraordinary presence.  In so doing, it is my belief and conviction that my light improves not only my immediate relationships, but also my community, our world and our entire reality. 

It's clear to me that you, being here on Pagan Space, are also exceptional in your own right.  Let us all remember that our greatest value is in the quality of how we express our unique gifts and talents.  BE yourSelf.  FEEL your Existence.  REACH beyond your grasp.

To all of you here, I wish an amazing and wonder-filled holiday season!


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Yes! Well said, Gilfur Ashardi.

Let your light shine bright!

Darkness promotes ignorance.  Ignorance allows deception.  Deception invites malice.  Malice shatters innocence.  

There are those among us who exalt discord, which destroys.  Though destruction often brings forth new growth, I don't think they understand that they are destroying themselves.  

If harmony and balance define your journey, then be a beacon for others to guide their lives.

Shine on, RiverLight!!

Shockingly enough, I am implied to agree with Noctifer on this one. I don't think darkness is a bad thing at all. I believe that darkness promotes change, which promotes growth. Everybody goes through stuff that they would describe as "dark times" or what have you. But they wouldn't be going through it unless it was something they needed to learn and grow from in this lifetime.

Now if you are refering to "darkness" as someone who just all around has a nasty attitude and is rude then yeah, I would say that has a negitive outcome on themselves and others around them.

Thats just my two cents.   :)


In darkness one of our senses is lacking, hence we are ignorant of what's around us in the dark. Maybe that's what he meant.

Gilfur Ashardi, may the magic and wonder of this season of hope warm your heart and inspire your brow! We are stars in human flesh, shine on!

Gilfur...Your light ?   I have light too...I can radiate mine and encompass anything I choose; my home, my community...the world, Universe and reality.  But, isn't there even more beyond?

Someone was concerned about your use of Darkness. The opposite of good...darkness or emptiness=void.  I had 8 years of darkness. When it started it was from a choice, a correct choice. But, it was long and difficult. During that time I learned more than I've ever learned in the rest of my life. Darkness lifted and the light is beyond comprehension...the beauty of it. I fly among the stars.  But, just joined PaganSpace.

We all have our own light, and it is shone through the expression of our individual unique identities.  I use myself only as an example, because I don't want to impose my beliefs on someone else.  

What prompted my post here is that I know some very bright people (intelligent) who think that they should be humble and not let their light shine too much, so as to not make others uncomfortable.  I say, "Let it shine!"  Maybe others will see the light and find improvement in their lives.

Yes, totally agree here.

Thank you for the good wishes, zeffer!  And I wish the same for you.

Shine on, west wind!  (zephyr)



I figured that my original post was not going to elicit much response by itself; it sounds too much like a Christmas card.  So, when I saw the response from RiverLight, I thought I'd say something vaguely controversial to see what kind of responses I'd get.  Thank you!

First, regarding Noctifier's question about dualism (because I think this is a great topic), let me suggest that it is not possible to perceive anything at all without something with which to compare it.  Since I do not believe in a black and white world, dualism exists in a spectrum, relative to one's perspective.  From where I stand, there is this way and that way.  They are only opposite ways depending on where I stand.  

Now, as to the concepts of light and darkness, if you look at most of the responses, the general feeling is that light is usually preferable to darkness.  The differences come from the context of the experience. Context defines everything.  To me, the concepts of light and dark signify knowledge and the lack of knowledge, or awareness and ignorance.  It's a pretty common understanding, and I doubt that most people would mistake it.

If light is knowledge and understanding, and you remove the light, then you remove the knowledge and understanding, making it dark.  Without understanding or knowledge, you have ignorance.  So, "darkness promotes [or enhances] ignorance."

When darkness is perceived as pain (I'm sorry for your loss, Lady Skydancer), then light is seen as a painkiller, as it were.  When we are in our darkest hour, we long to see the light again.  In my experience, we only wish to be in darkness when we want to hide, whether from ourselves or someone else.  

Light also signifies our affect on others.  When we are bright, we are expansive, and we send energy in all directions.  All those around us pick up the great vibes and become brighter themselves.  But, when we are dark, we suck the energy from others like a vampire, like a black hole.  We diminish ourselves in darkness, thereby destroying our "spirit."  

Actually, I don't believe anything is ever destroyed.  At worst, we lose our identity as we become absorbed by a greater force.  Still, if any will at all is retained, then recovering our identity is only a matter of just doing it, though it may take a long time.  

To Solstice, I do agree with you that darkness does promote change, primarily because one reacts to it to overcome the darkness.  Overcoming the darkness means seeking light.  Change is necessary and unavoidable so long as we're in this plane.  Avoiding change would probably sink one into darkness.

One final note, that I agree with Noctifier to the extent that darkness is just as necessary as light.  Our entire reality is perceived through differentiation.  Varying shades of darkness and light define our very existence.  We live and we love through the changes that allow expression of our individual selves.  

How well we navigate these changes determines how well we succeed in our lives.  We all act as a model of behavior for someone.  I personally believe that shining a light for someone else makes my own path that much brighter.

Is that enough?

LOL!  (I love these discussions!)

It's always a good day when I can interact with others here, yourself included.  

Don't mistake my meaning in the original post.  Whether you worship Evil or Good, whether you're a Christian or a Wiccan, if you let your light shine for others to see, then you shed light on their lives.  

All I'm saying is, "Be special."


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