Assuming You Are Of The Belief We Live Many Lives.....Are We Always Here To Learn A Lesson?

I hear this always in discussions and just visiting with Pagan folks and friends,why we are here and what lessons are we learning "THIS" time around. I truely, honestly, feel that in some lives we are just here! We are here to live and enjoy! Of course we learn on a daily basis as we go,but mayhaps we are not here to learn some huge thing everytime around. Thoughts?

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We are continuously learning, Lass. Whether we are conscious of it or not is maybe the difference.
Aye,agree.but a BIG ,particuliar lesson in any one particuliar life,I meant.
I think that yes we are here to learn and as everyone has said we are constantly learning, but maybe not a huge lesson everytime because honestly I think sometimes we come back to teach also. And lets face it once our spirits have had a taste of those truly wonderful and awe inspiring moments in life why wouldnt we want to come back? hahaha it's like eating a delicious meal once you taste it you want it over and over again. Yeah there are bad times in life and some really difficult and awful lifetimes but everything is experience and that's what we need for our spirits to evolve.
Aye,I would say you put this nicely!! I believe one can be in a life just to enjoy being here and its ok.
I think with each physical incarnation that there is one large, important life changing soul changing lesson to be learned. Of course, we learn lots of small lessons as we live but that one very large lesson that affects who we are, how we see the world and others in it and how it changes the direction of our lives is important. We only have to realize it and that is when the living is done in every life time.

Blessings of the Day ~!
I would agree this is the consensus of it when one believes in reincarnation for most folks. I dont because,I believe that sometimes we are just here to live and enjoy,not with standing the day to day lessons,of course.
I can see that as a possibility as well Lass, I wait patiently for one of those just live and have some damn, Oops did I just curse, sorry... fun ~!
Think about ALL the fun you HAVE had this time around!!
Yep, but we're also here to do some things too.

If we didn't need to know stuff, and we're here, we're probably here to teach or to help others.

Besides, if we knew everything we'd sail through life with no problems. And everyone has problems, and the only way to get through problems is to learn.
Teach or help others,seems to be my role,then this time around. I like doing that,though.
I think we do learn...whether we are here for that purpose or not i don't know. Big lessons...small lessons...I don't think there is a BIG one pre defined. I prefer to believe that when i die ill go to the summerland to recharge my 'batteries' and come back for some more life to live.
I like that line of thinking!!


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