Assuming You Are Of The Belief We Live Many Lives.....Are We Always Here To Learn A Lesson?

I hear this always in discussions and just visiting with Pagan folks and friends,why we are here and what lessons are we learning "THIS" time around. I truely, honestly, feel that in some lives we are just here! We are here to live and enjoy! Of course we learn on a daily basis as we go,but mayhaps we are not here to learn some huge thing everytime around. Thoughts?

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This might be a little off topic, but I always wonder why we can't remember more from our past lives. If we're here to learn lessons, why can't I remember the lessons I learned several lives ago?

I met a person once that I had a really strong connection with. I didn't know where the connection came from, but it was there. Now I'm left wondering, did I know this person before? How were we connected? Goddess, I really wish I knew.
You most likely were connected in a past life. We aren't meant to remember what happened in those lifetimes our souls are supposed to be changed by them. Bettered by them and what was learned. My opinion... Blessings Zachary ~!
It makes sense that its our soul that learns the lesson. Maybe one day we'll be able to look back and see how it all fits together like a puzzle.

I've only met one person whom I thought I might have known in a past life. Has it ever happened to anyone else reading this?
I met three at dear friend Greg in Scotland,my pal Brandi and my knight husband David.....
This is my friend Greg in scotland! I believe he was my brother in the 1500's.

Celticlass: That is so cool. Do you think your soul is open to seeing more from your past than others? Do you think we only notice those from our past whom we had a close bond to?

My soul and spirit are always opern to see anything interesting,darling! And I believe if the Powers that Be need us to meet up with those folks again we do!!!
I could not say it any better Thanks Lady Lea

If we're here to learn lessons, why can't I remember the lessons I learned several lives ago?

I think that this is when your 'gut feelings' kick in... your instincts tell you the right answer based on previous lessons?


Yes but we pick what we waunt to lurn
Ther5e in lies the rub,we can and we should have this right,however,sometimes things happen that make us learn things we wouldnt choose to,for instance if I get mugged,I will learn self defense,you know,well i think WE should all know that anyeway. What gets me,if say we dont get something right this time,many believe we must keep coming back to relive the same shit over and over again!!


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