Astral Traveling (OBE)...its importance, any tips, significance to 2012?

I'm 4 years into my spiritual journey, but I have yet to astral travel (or at least I don't think so). Are there any experienced travellers out there that can tell me why it is important, what it is good for, if it is good preparation for the energy shifting that 2012 will bring, and any other tips that can help me experience this state of mind.

...A little about me: I'm 25. When I was 21, I was experiencing extreme stress and depression and started self medicating with marijuana until I meet someone who told me to try out so "relaxation" and breathing techinques (I now know that what I was doing was the Middle Pillar exercise and Kundalini Yoga Kyrias). Anyway, I did them daily for several weeks consistently. I felt a lot better, had more energy, clarity, focus, concentration, eyesight etc...then I had a breakthrough/meltdown when I think I felt my 3rd eye chakra open up. I went into an acute psychosis: I couldn't sleep for over 72 hrs, I had no desire to eat or drink, I was extremely paranoid and hypersensitive, I had bizare thoughts of grandoir, and I began to hear voices for people who weren't near me (something like chatter), I even thought I heard the thoughts of some people...I went though a brief period of hospitalization, medication, and therapy just to adjust to these new experiences (I was diagnosed bi-polar b/c I don't think modern medicine has any answers for spiritual awakenings). Now I've quit all the medications, all the therapies, adopted a mostly drug-free, healthy lifestyle of good nutrition, routine yoga, proper sleep, and i've increased my occult/spiritual spiritual knowlegde.

The problem is that my practice has reached a plateau, I think I'm ready for astral traveling now...Your help is greatly appreciated.

Stay grounded,

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You'd better be totally off the drugs and back to normal when you start to practice astral projection. There are dangers to astral projection, you leave your body during astral projection (an OBE) and during that time it's 'open' to other entities. Normally that's not a problem but when you are in a weaker state it could become a problem. 

What is it exactly that you want to now about astral travel. Have you done it before, did you succesfully had an OBE before etc? 

Mark, thanks for the precautions. I've tried several times before but I have never successfully broken the barrier that leads to OBE. The times I have tried it go something like this: I'll set the environment by showering, doing 30min+ of light yoga, burning frankincense and myrrh, a relaxation exercise and a contemplation/visualization technique. What happens is that my mind quiets, my breathe gets very shallow, my body gets heavy, and the I briefly lose body awareness only to snap out of it and come back to my thoughts.

So Mark, I guess what I'm asking is how do you get to that OBE experience? What techniques works for you? Do you eat/avoid certain foods? Do you fast? Do you burn certain scents or use certain gemstones? I'd also like to know what's the main benefit you derive from OBE (e.g. travel to certain places, communicate with certain entities, visit past lives, etc.). I'll consider any other precautions you have to offer too.

It seems you are on the right track. The difficult part is were you sort of fall asleep yet a part of your mind should be awake. Its difficult because its usually either way. Either you fall asleep or you stay awake. To balance on that thin line is not easy and takes practice.

I don't really prepare myself other than relax and burn insence (sandlewood seems to work good) but i have a few tips that can make having an OBE easier:

If you feel your body getting heavy and have that sensation that an OBE is about to happen... don't get overexcited or you will crash back into your body and thats that. Mission failed.

What helps me is using so called brain wave genarators. The human brain reacts to a lot of different tones in different ways. There are tones that can help getting an OBE.

If you want it explained in detail visit this site: Brainwaves

A good MP3 that utilises this and might get you into deep trance and OBE is boxed nirvana II, (google it to find it) . That MP3 relaxed the mind and gets you into a deep trance but also keeps your mind awake by changing the pattern every couple of minutes. It worked for me when i first started astral projecting.

Furthermore: astral projection is something that even skilled people can't do on a regular basis so don't worry if you don't succes inmediately. If you have an OBE or astral projection once a week it is considered a lot!

Then the astral plane itself. In my belief, the astral plane is the place where people go when they sleep(consciencly or not because every night we go there while we dream) and were your spirit goes when you pass away. It is also the realm of demons, angels and so on so you will meet all kinds of entities there. You could meet your deceased grandmother but you could also see what tomorrow will bring or meet your guardian angel.

On the astral plane you have control. You decide what you want to see, do and learn. That is totally different from for example a lucid dream. While it may look the same (having an OBE, experiencing your dream) it is not the same. In lucid dreams you have no control, when astral projecting you do and therefore the astral plane is different for everybody.

For me the main benefit in astral projecting was.. learning what the astral plane was. It changed my view on dreams and life and death. It connected the dots for me. 

Good luck :)

Btw: A might interesting book on this subject is "do OBE", you can find it online, the title of the book is do_obe.pdf so you can just google that too.

Thank you so much for the resources! I downloaded the boxed nirvana II and the do_obe.pdf file. I'm ready to get started on this...I've read a bit about OBEs already, but it's way more reassuring that its possible when you hear, firsthand, from someone who has had success at it! I be sure to contact you once I have some success.

 I think the most important considerations are dark and quiet. Also, just like meditating, it helps not to have eaten within an hour of the practice.

 You are a bit on the right track with the relaxation techniques, but so far as the actual experience goes, you are using a passive rather than an active technique of projecting your consciousness. I would suggest initially that you practice by focusing on your solar plexus and your abdomen region, and imagine that you are extruding astral substance from this region, which accumulates in the space about three feet in front of you. You would then shape it into a shadowy semblence of your won body and then practice seeing through its eyes, which will be difficult. with this body, look at your physical body, look at your face, the details, look at the space behind your body, look at your astral hands, get up and move around, feel the walls, stomp your feet. You may sense your consciousness shifting between  between you imagined astral body and your physical body. You may also simply feel like its all just taking place in your imagination, which of course it is. and that fine to start out.

 Marijuana will make it hard to concentrate and focus enough to shift the consciousness away from the subtle body.

 The notion that your body is open to other entities when projecting is a stretch from the truth. A successful travel will involve several run ins with all sorts of spirits and entities, if this is something you would rather avoid, don't practice astral projection. Protective measures can also be implemented rather easily.

The Monroe Institute are the leading experts in the field of astral projection.  Their teaching methods are advanced and superior.  Personally, I feel that Mother Gaia has plenty to offer right here at home, but if you're dead set on doing this, this is the safest approach.  The preparation can be invaluable in many other applications, from my personal experience.  They teach very good aura building and control techniques, for example.  You can purchase very professionally produced CDs that are practical guides to application; not talk, or theory.

Thanks J., Fox Sage! I will review these sites as well. I value your perspective. I think your comment about Mother Gaia having plenty to offer me here on earth is intriguing. Do you think I have anything to lose by devoting myself to achieving an OBE?

Some people believe that astral travel is an essential experience.  Some believe that astral travel is a token of mastery in one of many metaphysical paths or disciplines.  My most profound experience of memory began with spontaneous astral travel.  But, I did not ask for that, and I am not seeking far out experiences away from my home planet.  I believe that in this life I have traveled so far that I reached the destination labeled heaven; and I have come back with the attitude that "heaven can wait".  I have no idea what you, personally, might gain or lose by your devotion.  Devotion itself can be bad if not pursued in moderation.  It is the learned opinion of many before you that there are some risks involved in this type of activity. That is why I suggested the Monroe Institute.  Even pursuing unknown entities in other planes of reality is not necessarily safe nor recommended by many others whom have travel this path.  Spending too much time in an altered state alone can cause a disconnect with this reality.  I know plenty of people in the metaphysical community whom can easily pass as mentally ill. They seem to have become lost along the way, and live unhappy, unbalanced lives.  That is the dark side, and I have seen many young people led there in many ways.  You should not allow people to mislead you into believing that good intentions will protect you, either.  Ultimate enlightenment comes from within, not from without.  What I wish for you is success in finding love and happiness.  You will gain more spiritual knowledge from the eyes of a romantic partner then you will ever obtain from some specter on some ethereal plane.  It is later than you think, and before you know it, you will be having all of the OBEs you could ever want.  Bright Blessings!  

 Ok, first, I'm going to reply to this without reading any of the responses....

   As a practicing magician, alot of my work focuses around visualization, scrying, inner vision and various types of astral travel experiences. I consider them to be more along the lines of inner experiences than out of body. 

 First and foremost, astral travel is pleasurable, it's worth doing for the experience alone. Second, it gives you access to levels of self knowledge that you may not have been able to access in any other way. Different planes can be accessed to gain a deeper knowledge of nature, such as projecting through an elemental or astrological symbol or a tarot card. It is also a good means of communicating with spiritual entities on their own plane.

 In more advanced practices, and with extensive experience, one can eventually attempt to affect the outside world by practicing magic on the astral. 

 So far as anything concerning 2012, I guess I really can't say. I don't believe anything more significant is going to take place this year than any other year in history.


 I have to admit, you personal history is both disconcerting as well a sign that you have a good disposition for astral magical practices. I would be very, very careful about attaching anything of major significance to your visions. It's also worth keeping in mind that many of the entities you will come into contact with will be figments of your imagination, created by your ego to satisfy your desires, or some other false spirit, or other forms of misguidance and so forth. So as you say, stay grounded. I think the best books on the subject are the GD technique, the GD paper on Man and the Microcosm, Visual Magick by Jan Fries, Liber O by Crowley, and the sections on scrying and astral travel in Mysteria Magica by Dennings and Phillips. Also, The Lucifer Diaries by Roger Williamson is also a great example of astral projection in use, and his diary entries put forth examples of the significance of the practice.

 I have my own personal techniques that I use, and if you would like to discuss them further please send me a message in private.


Good information, although i usually don't use the "rope method". I imagine my body being heavy and very light at the same time. I feel my body sink deep in the matras of my bed while my spirit slowly floats out (connected to my physical body trough a silver cord).

I will have to try the rope method for myself as it seems to be easier.


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