It seems everytime I meet someone who is knowledgeable in astrology, asides from basics, I encounter a different perspective, a different angle, a different way to interpret the stars. So I would like to know, if you are knowledgeable, how did astrology come into your life and how have you branched out? For me, astrology came into my life around the beginning of the Uranus transit into Pisces. Makes sense huh? Of course, during this time the universe has put me to study other things just as interesting as astrology. My teacher was a friend with who is a double Sagitarian, with an aquarian moon, a wise centaur none the less!!

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I agree with you, there are many different approaches and perspectives on astrology. The more I read the deeper my knowledge of it. I am currently reading Mythic Astrology by Guttman and Johnson. I find it to be an excellent book.
hehehe.... share with us what you have read and/or what's currently on your reading list. This book came to me by "chance." When you do get this book and have formed an opinion, let us know what you think of it. Liz Greene also has a book on Mythic Astrology but I don't own that version though I do perouse her website quite often. Hey, this sounds like another topic.
Have a good night, I'm dozing off too.
I started out fresh as a student of a teacher in Harrisburg, and took his 6month course. Challenging, but worth it. AH the blood sweat and tears. The final exam took 6hrs, and now it's a passion.
6 hours? This sounds like torture to me. It has been an ongoing process for me.
I owned that book at one time. It does have some interesting stuff in there but I don't know if it's the only astrology book necessary to be well rounded. I would suggest to beginners who have some basics to look into the works of Allan Oken or Steven Forrest.
Wow, so many branches of astrology.

Here is a new science discovery that sort of confirms a Virgo trait. Virgo is the sign that rules the intestines and is ruled by Mercury, the planet of the mind. And here is a recent scientific discovery that also connects the intestines with the mind, in an article that just came out today called : ‘Knowing It in Your Gut’ : Cross-Talk Between Human Gut Bacteria and Brain. Isn’t that interesting!

The article states, "We have a hypothesis in my lab that the state of your immune system and your gut bacteria -- which are in constant communication -- influences your personality”

And it would seem to me the converse is also true, that our personality affects the gut bacteria and the immune system, if so it would help explain why stressful personalities are harmful to our health.

I originally got started by taking a correspondent course back around 1975, then became absorbed in it.

Now have a whole library on it. Funny too, at first I didn’t believe in it thinking the 12 signs you read about in the newspapers was all there was to it. So just out of curiosity I researched it thinking it was going to lead to a dead end, instead I found it to be an unending path of study.

And for those living in Michigan, Matrix Software in Big Rapids Michigan claims to have the biggest astrology library in this hemisphere, I’ve been there. Matrix is the astrology programming company that designed the Win*Star program, among other things.

Well, basically, it takes as much time and effort to become a good astrologer as it does to get a university degree.  Like check out all the options of this Win*Star  astrology program!  That's why good astrologers get paid so well.


If you want to learn it, first you have to start with the basics, and you can do that by putting whatever it is you are curious about in astrology into your browser.  Like for example, if you want to know what 'Saturn square Venus' means, put that in your browser and you will this many hits  about Saturn square Venus aspects.  And you can do the same with just about everything.  In this way you can study your own chart on the Internet.


I also think it's best to take an organized course in it to put all the detail into perspective. Otherwise a person can become overwhelmed by them all.


1968 my interest was given a nudge the time on the street a woman came up to me and said "You are a Scorpio."


1984 I took action and started with self-study and by my joining an informal astrology group.

Actually the system we commonly use today in Western Astrology is based on the Tropical Zodiac which uses the equinoxes as a reference point, not the constellations. Meaning the very first day of all the Cardinal signs are also the very first day of the seasons, e.g. Spring equinox is the start of Aires and spring; Summer solstice is the start of Cancer and summer, etc.

And since the Cardinal signs are based on the equinoxes and solstices, the signs of the Tropical Zodiac shift with the precession of the equinoxes. And so Cancer in the Tropical Zodiac starts at the instant of the Summer Solstice now as it did thousands of years ago. Meaning if you were born with the Sun in Aries, they are talking about the Tropical Zodiac, meaning you were born within the 30 degrees following the Spring equinox, no matter if it was 10,000 years ago or today. So nobody's astrology sign shifted.



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