Some People will agree with Me on this and many will Disagree but as a “Witch” and “Crone” I’m just going to Speak my Feelings.

I have a Personal Profile on Facebook (under my Given Name), a Page for my Witchy Wisdom Network, a Page for Me as Mystikal Melita and have been added to many Witch/Wiccan/Pagan Groups there. I get Replies/Questions sometimes that just make Me Laugh because there just seems to be so many People that Claim to be Witches/Wiccans/Pagans and really don’t have a Clue (I do Blame some of this on Hollywood).

I’m also running across a lot of “Power Trips” on there between Witches/Wiccans/Pagans and as a “Witch” I find this really “Crazy”. Witchcraft comes from your Personal Power in Connection to the Universe and not on how many Books you’ve written, what you Call yourself or even if you’re in a Coven…..And I must add here that “Money” is becoming a Big Factor.

I don’t feel that you can be “Taught” to be a “Witch” if it’s not in your “Spirit” to begin with. You can go through the Motions but if you don’t have Personal Power what good is it? Most of the Books (and even Groups/Networks) now Focus on Rituals/Spells but a Real Witch lives Witchcraft each minute of their Day and will show in their Life. The most Powerful Tools in Witchcraft are your Mind, Intent and Connection to Nature/Universe and it’s so hard for some People to understand this.

Don’t get Me wrong because I do enjoy Books, TV/Movies, Groups/Networks and even Rituals for the Fellowship but I’m a “Simple Witch” and live my Life as such. I do have “Visions” and get “Vibes” and I seem to pick up all this “Negative Energy” and sometimes I find that I have to take a Break from Networks like Facebook because of some of this. I’m not a Pagan, I’m not Wiccan…..Just a Witch and I don’t want to see Witches put back into the Dark Ages because of this “Human Greed” that seems to be taking place lately in the Name of Witchcraft.

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I don't think there are good witches and bad witches because I don't think there are good people and bad people. There are good and bad actions, that's all. Although I'd agree that not everyone who says they are a witch is actually one, I don't think anyone is "born a witch", as in it's not something about your biology. it's a lifestyle anyone can consciously choose to take up as long as they are in a certain emotional and mental state. Books are awesome, so are articles: but reading them doesn't make you a witch, doing the craft makes you a witch. When you decide to dedicate yourself to a path, then you are a witch. Anyone can do that if they are so inclined. 

Celticlass, is your FB a group? I had a look as I'd like to join but don't want to end up with some other crowd!

Totally agree with Sophie. I suspect the people who think they are 'born' into it are lucky enough to have practising relatives so that it becomes a lifestyle... Similar to those lucky people born into a horsey family and therefore think live and breathe horses and are brilliant riders. The rest if us have to learn it even if we do start with an affinity...

Absolutely.  Just...yes.  


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