I have little information regarding the Baka(not the ethnic group Baka pygmies.) There are three terms I have found  associated with Baka but it variously used and mostly negatively or pejoratively:   Baka may be a synonym for minor demons, Baka my indicate malevolent, tricky souls of the dead, Baka most commonly refers to powerful spirits willing to contract with sorcerers.

Haitian Baka derived from the Congolese spirits described as dead souls wandering the forest or small malevolent spirits who wreak havoc.  In context of Haitian Vodou Baka is not a member of a pantheon but a free spirit; the sorcerer works for him-her self. They are typically asked to provide oa guard wealth, reveal hidden treasure, or do revenge work. However, the Baka will do whatever the magician/shaman/sorcerer seeks as long as the price is right and thus the Baka could be commanded to perform good works.  They are not patient spirits but clever tricksters who will turn on you in an instant if you fail to live up to your end of the bargain or interpretation of your end of the bargain.

Baka may have Horns.

Law Bossu, Bosou, or Bosou Twa Cornes

Can be invoked to control Baka.

I’m looking for more information on how Baka spirit(s) came to be in the Haitian Vodou. So if you could help it would be greatly appreciated!

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I can't personally help, but Houngan Matt is our resident Vodou expert around here. He doesn't seem to be on the main forum too much lately though, so maybe drop him a message if you don't get much feedback. Good luck!

Thank you for that information =}


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