Is the thought of pagans begging troubling?


How would the society you live amongst react to overt pagan begging?


Types of begging could be door to door solicitation, street pan handling, off ramp window washing, or even huckster busking with an accordion while wearing a pentacle clad panda bear custom.


Whatever scenario you can imagine a pagan beggar begging in, would it bother you?


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I like Philly pagan beggars best.


"Gimme gimme gimme money, gimme gimme gimme money, yeah!"


Don't tell me that isn't worth a dollar.

Why should Pagans be different? The only form of begging I have no problem with is busking. If someone is using their talent to help themselves out of difficulty that is admirable, and some of them are good!  The rest of em need to make sure they are not being aggressive.

IDK about that, but I thought it would be hilarious if I dressed up in a bunch of obnoxious pagan clothing, and sat on a street corner with a sign that said "will do magick for food" and videotaped it for 2 hours to get peoples' responses.
but they'd assume you mean optical illusions or card tricks ;) :P lol

I hardly ever give to beggars regardless of their religion, I don't think that in a country like Ireland with a pretty good social net to help out the poor I need to give to random people just because they ask me to, I did however encounter an old hobo who sang a little ditty to encourage people to toss him a few quid a while back,the lyrics where something along the lines of 'I am the singing beggar man please give me some money, if you have some money give it to the singing beggar man' he seemed a funny old guy and since he was singing I didn't count it as begging he was entertaining people so I obliged him.


I'm not sure what the general reaction would be but I did have somebody beg from me before saying that if I gave them 2€ they would say a prayer for me, I didn't take them up on it, it was a bit too sale of indulgencyish for my liking.

huckster busking with an accordion while wearing a pentacle clad panda bear custom


I like this.

I can't say that I've ever known the religious affiliation of any beggar. The last time I gave money to a beggar was leaving a store, I had a five and a twenty in by wallet. The man approached me, said his car was broken down and his wife and children were staying in the store because it was hot (it was), he needed money to call a cab and had most of it already. I gave him the five, he hugged and said "God bless you" (which I found disconcerting since I'm not altogher touchy, feely). By time I reached my car he drove by with a man in the passenger seat laughing. I'm glad it didn't give the twenty. I have never given money again to another beggar. I choose to give to various charites, where if someone needs help they can approach them. Although finding a national Pagan Charity is quite difficult (I've had no luck so far) , I generally do food pantries.
Wait a minute....let me think here for a minute, pagans where the ones labeled as gypsies right? Hmmmmmm, okay well, IMO with the economy the way it is, one needs to do what one needs to do to survive, pagan or not. If people don't like it, they can say no and shut the door....

Busking is best, so long as it's not aggressive.


Buddhist monks beg, so do some Christian orders.


I don't find it disturbing if religious folk beg.  I find it disturbing when people beg because they're desperate.

My dad gave a guy twenty bucks because he had a sign that said "I'm not gonna lie. I want a bottle of whiskey" He said he deserved it for telling the truth.


I would TOTALLY give this guy money.







My wife sent me a photo of this guy a few months back, it's on my home page in the comments.


(We're pretty sure we've met him in New York or Philly. )

Isn't he AWESOME?!




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