I see many folks on here and other groups in their profile and wordings,calling themselves Shamans.....so I'm wondering,if those of you who this is your way,path,choice,ect could tell us a bit more about EXACTLY how you define what a shaman is? My experience is working with Native American shamans on several occasions and they had both been in their "craft" many years and well seasoned. I also have a dear pal in Ireland that follows Shaman ways,again,older,many years doing what he does.....  I see many young,new folks using the term shaman,why I'm asking......Any input? Mayhaps my definition is just different or their is new understandings of the term.

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I see a lot of where but hot when does the journey begin?  as a child I used to dream I was floating above my body and to diifernt places? as I got older I was able to this in a wake state through meditation. I think when we use the word shaman we have to be careful not to exlclude the shaolin monk or the buddhisht or anyone practices voodoo or magick and speaks with their spirit guides.    so many path to enlightmented                                   

                                                                                 blessed  be

That is a bit my point,however,though many of us do many of these aspects of "magick",does it fall under shaminism or not? I don't believe they solely would "make" one a shaman

I tend to agree with your take on this also Forestmuse. It just seems it has become way too much of a catch all phrase for way too many aspects of ones path,that are simply other magical endeavors and not shamanistic in nature or root. I believe "Shaman" sounds a bit more intensethan Pagan,Wiccan or Witch,mayhaps why many grab onto it so. What do you think?

I see the basis of Shamanism more tribal too

Any of you that are shamans or consider yourself as such ,can you elaborate bit on the hows and whys of your Shamanism?


A "Rconstructed" term..........what isn't these days?

The Shamans I've known over the years rarely "crow" about it...though I can understand your excitement

Ive been a witch forever too and many have trances and Walk between realms and don't consider it being a shaman......Why do you see this experiences as such? Being in a trance state is one magical aspect many have in many paths...,not exclusively shamanism....the point of the OP. Not all witches are shamans.....

I'm being trained by someone/something.  I don't really know who this communication is with but I do know that every question I ask is correctly answered.  I don't always understand the answer though so I still have to do research = to understand why the answer is correct.  I think it is mother earth who is teaching me to use this communication.  I suppose some call her a goddess.

I think that mother earth is an entity in herself, a combined consciousness of everything that lives on the earth.  She is one of many similar entities in the universe, and the combination of all of these entities is I suppose god consciousness.

I'm new at this and I don't have a human trainer, just some female spirit guide named Sanaya and the one who gives the tests named Sanata.  I have no clue who or what these guys are.

Someday I may be a Shaman, I guess I need to get struck by lightning first.

What Rickymouse just said, that is close to what I'd call a Shaman.

Being able to ask questions and get accurate answers from nature, from the dream world and  from alternate states of consciousness.

Half of my roots would call this kind of person a Medi and the other half would call them a Stregone

Thanks for the input from everyone.......


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