I see many folks on here and other groups in their profile and wordings,calling themselves Shamans.....so I'm wondering,if those of you who this is your way,path,choice,ect could tell us a bit more about EXACTLY how you define what a shaman is? My experience is working with Native American shamans on several occasions and they had both been in their "craft" many years and well seasoned. I also have a dear pal in Ireland that follows Shaman ways,again,older,many years doing what he does.....  I see many young,new folks using the term shaman,why I'm asking......Any input? Mayhaps my definition is just different or their is new understandings of the term.

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My understanding of true shamanism is that it's not a choice. It's a spiritual calling that one just falls into- literally. From what I hear of tribal shamanism it can be lonely and is hard. They forsake the world and it's people in order to live true to their spiritual duties. They live amongst the spirits. They are connected to them from the moment they "awaken" until the moment they die. Many of the younger generation take up titles without knowing it's true meaning. To be a shaman is to live amongst the spirits and to lead a solitary life. They typically learn their craft from a shaman before them and then practice for years before becoming seasoned. It's not an over the night decision or process.

I tend to see it as you do also.....it is a "calling" and an aspect defined by every part of ones' being

I'm never keen on putting labels on myself, but guess I'm an eclectic shaman, I spend a lot of time out of doors, attempting to commune directly with the long forgotten local Gods of ancient times. I also see it as my duty to help nature, so I grow and plant tree's etc. I also perform most of my spells and charm making out of doors, using natural materials.

Thanks for your input Sir Leo.how do you see what you do,as different from simply being a Witch,however?

So.. i studied anthropology and shaman means entirely something else. Basically, a part time priest and part time magick user which sounds a lot like what many Wiccans or modern paths are. Rather than dream working and being in the other world as ithers describe which sounds like hedgewitchery.

As the editor of the website ShamanicArts.Center and the events coordinator of the Traveling Shamans  I recognize the problems inherent in using the Mongolian word - Shaman - both in our title and on our website. I  invite you to read my article on the subject at https://shamanicarts.center/are-you-a-shaman.

Shamans can also be healers who use herbal remedies and people who seek knowledge on vision quests.. Ie psychedelics. Not necessarily in the realm of native American beliefs per se but I can see how this can be confusing.


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