So I was thinking about being pagan, knowing and using modern technology or just being up on things that are current whether that be news, technology, music, entertainment, clothing etc. Does that come across as your not a real pagan? There are some out there that feel in order to be real you have to cut ties with all of that. If that's how one believes that's their choice but in my head it seems that being current doesn't stop one from being real. I think there can be a blending of current and old, they can help each other out. Why is it that to be pagan or in some cases a hippyish person you can't be relevant but have to be stuck in the past and want to cut out all that is current? Don't know if this thought or question makes sense. I hope it does, and I am not trying to stereo type or create an argument. I am just not understanding why people who seem sort of mainstream in life may come across as not real.

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If people like being trendy, they should be trendy.  Liking to keep up on trends doesn't make you any less of a pagan.  In fact, as things update, I think it makes some things easier.  

I have a smart phone which I keep spells I've done or like in my notes category.

You don't have to live in a cabin in the woods to be a "good" pagan.  You can have a smart phone, and trendy clothes, and still be able to keep in touch with whatever you think makes you a pagan.

Being who they really are is what if trendy they are then that's authentic to them...yes being up to date can make things easier. Like yourself ill put notes in my smart phone, or research online on the old iPad. Or add to this discussion forum from it. Every pagan is who they are and those things don't change what's in their heart. They are still pagan.

Many ancient polytheistic cultures embraced the "modern" technology of their time, and made great advances in various fields of architecture, science, astronomy, and mathematics.  There's evidence that the Egyptians, Greeks, and Romans (and I'm sure a great many other ancient cultures) were conscious of fashion trends, popular entertainment, popular cuisine, and even popular cults or religions.

Being pagan doesn't have to mean living like a hermit in some secluded rural area, denouncing modern technology.

That's very true. I didn't think of how the ancients made advances because of technology. They embraced it rather than throwing it aside. Good point!!! They weren't hermits in their time I'm sure. They learned and taught and made things progress.

But for FFS no cell phones in circle!  LMAO

Lol..true, They are distracting...even in churches or movie theaters they say turn off the volume...I get that request

Don't forget the goth stereotype, too.  A lot of people seem to think pagans are either hippies or goths and can't possibly look like the average person, especially a professional person.

That's very true. People do think they are that too. Yes alot of people assume that they can't look average or professional which in a lot of business situations you have to look professional.

I think it's funny because I know a lot of professional pagans.  I'm a probation officer, I know pagans who are Sheriff's deputies, chiropractors, nurses, court clerks, business owners, etc.  People just can't give up their preconceived notions.  They think we're all teenagers rallying against the system.  Ha!

As a professional (social worker) I completely agree. Its like I put on some nice clothes and to the world I suddenly can't be deviant! *rolls eyes* 

Yes we know though we have to do what we gotta do to make it living wise...besides some of us may like our takes all kinds in this world:)
I agree with you that having a mind set to accept evolving and changing ideas is advantageous. I know from being raised as a JW the division that is sometimes drawn because of conflicting beliefs or opinions. It does not help but seems to tear others down. I mean I understand to an extent as to why they almost segregate but it creates disunity, un-acceptance, and in some case a feeling of superiority over those that are different. Learning, growth and development require change, openness to new things that can even fi e tune or add to something older. It's vice versa too, old sometimes can bring a tried and true method that is perhaps the safe route or the more successful route. But the key is being flexible


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