So I was thinking about being pagan, knowing and using modern technology or just being up on things that are current whether that be news, technology, music, entertainment, clothing etc. Does that come across as your not a real pagan? There are some out there that feel in order to be real you have to cut ties with all of that. If that's how one believes that's their choice but in my head it seems that being current doesn't stop one from being real. I think there can be a blending of current and old, they can help each other out. Why is it that to be pagan or in some cases a hippyish person you can't be relevant but have to be stuck in the past and want to cut out all that is current? Don't know if this thought or question makes sense. I hope it does, and I am not trying to stereo type or create an argument. I am just not understanding why people who seem sort of mainstream in life may come across as not real.

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Room service.  One doesn't ask for much but it had better include room service.


We camp for 10 days at our big Scottish Fest in Grandfather Mts in North Carolina in July every year. We've graduated from a tent,to a bigger tent to a pop up camper.I'd love the 46 foot RV next.....or a Holiday Inn on the mountain.....and we do hug trees there at times. I like flexability,,right? Dont you? LOL

Well you know one of my dreams should I ever win the lottery is to buy one of those huge camper vans and spend months, years!  touring America.   So I think the answer must be yes.

Ive known a person who at one time was able to balance the two. Then all of a sudden started going way stereo typical to the point things are hurting the balance of their family life. Also the person thinks they need more money, but yet they want all this green simple wholistic living. It's sort of a contradiction to shun modernism, shun things, the acquiring of things, to want to live simple but yet feel you need more and want more money to live simple.


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