Just curious as to the best places you found altar items, such as the best deal, best detail, best quality, etc. For those who have been at this for several years, think hard. I really want to see what is better in terms of findings!


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Thrift stores and dollar stores. 

And what did you find? :]

All kinds of things. Statuary, cauldrons, candles, tools, attire, etc. Whatever caught my eye.

Cool! Awesome finds!

I find a lot of altar items in nature. I have a growing collection of pressed flowers/leaves, waxed paper leaves and flowers, stones, pine cones ect. I was even given a small bird's nest by a friend about a week back. I also find things at thrift stores and dollar stores and in remnant bins at places that sell fabric. You can get some great deals on altar cloths and backdrops by looking in remnant bins. At the dollar store they have candles, incense, seasonal decorations like little pumpkins or holly leaves and berries. You can find lots of cool crafty items as well at dollar stores and thrift shops to make additions to the altar that are uniquely you. At thrift stores you never know what you will find but it's a good place to find quirky statues, pictures, books, and also all sorts of fabric. I haven't been at this for very long but I have always been a bargain shopper and I love finding good deals.

Oh awesome! I love hearing about tons of finds!

Wow! That was indeed a marvelous find!

wow how beautiful! I am extremely jealous of this find. Nice work to make it into something of your own. 

I can only imagine! Would you like to share what you have accomplished by using it?

Fair enough! I respect your privacy.


When you say "altar items" you mean the traditional Wiccan ones



male/female images




Or do you mean in general?


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