Just curious as to the best places you found altar items, such as the best deal, best detail, best quality, etc. For those who have been at this for several years, think hard. I really want to see what is better in terms of findings!


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I find all sorts of neat and interesting things at Goodwill, I have found my cauldron, candle holders, crystal collection, some neat fossils, and my incense burner. You can also find wonderful books there. I've found books on crystals and other items.

I have yet to find books at Goodwill but yes I completely agree! I have a huge itch to go back haha!

You can get things like offering bowls at any place that sells kitchen stuff. Just use a dip bowl or something. Herbs and essential oils you can get at grocery stores or natural food stores. Incense and candles you can get at arts and crafts shops. As for more neopagan-specific items, there are a ton of online shops where you can get some neopagan supplies, such as altar tiles. There are also physical specialty stores scattered across the country. I'll give you some links to online shops.






This one has some nice pantheon-neutral statuary.


Some more online supply stores.




A current moon phase link. Moon phase is important.


As for books on the religion, you can get them at the new age section of most book stores. There may be more out there, but I'm still a noob seeker and don't really know all the sources out there.

Excellent resources! Thanks Chelsea!

As has been said, thrift stores, dollar stores and nature are all good places to find "your" tools. Most of mine have been gifts , given for one purpose, that I have re-purposed for my workings, but if I need something, a special candle or plate, I usually make my own, that way I can imagine what I want, what I am going to do and put that energy into the object I am making. Besides it gives me an excuse to get crafty with my workings. 

My backyard and my mirror

wonderful suggestions!

That's an excellent way of getting supplies! Then you can stay to a theme or just make them exactly as you like them! Also love the repurposing! You always find unique items that way!


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