Blackwolf's Witchy , Magical , Mystical , Haunting , And Eldrietch Video Thread

To Begin :

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Thank you , Draconis !

I do appreciate that , and do enjoy utilizing multimedia

as a magical art form...

( I also thank the others who introduced me to a few I was not aware of... )

More to come !

Yo , Mistoffelees , That Be A Rockin '

If I Weren't Me My Knees Would Be A Knockin' ,

Gonna Remember When I Do My Ritual

Folks Got The Motions But They Be Habitual ,

They Draw A Magic Circle Yet They Be A Poser

Talk A Devil's Contract But They Aren't A Closer

Got My Blood And My Bindrunes , Tell Those Fools

I Be Comin' Soon...;)

Niiiccceee !


Wonderful videos! I have a ton of these CD's too - Love Within Temptation, Nightwish, Epica, Evanescence, pretty much any pagan symphonic metal band (most from Norwegian countries for some reason).

But I don't see "RockBitch"!?!?

Some absolute belters here Shawn.

Thanks for sharing, your playlist has been jamming in the background of my studio today.

Myself and my clients are loving it :)

Thanks No Face !

Glad you love it first of all , and may it inspire your

work on your clients , and give them pleasure while

becoming your skin canvas of their desire !

And David , Thanks for the suggestion !

And this was here from someone else , but got deleted...

So I'm Bringing It Back !


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