I have been thinking of getting a few books I could dig down into. Does anybody have any great book recommendations? It has to be books that have helped and not books that are talking a bunch of gibberish, and you get nothing out of it.

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The B.I.B.L.E.

Sorry but I consider the Bible metaphorical. It does have good life lessons many I remember. So that one is a no go for me. :/

Are you looking for just Pagan books? 

Practically any good books within any Occult belief.

I don't know if it qualifies as occult, but a book that I found very intriguing is "Destiny of Souls" by Dr. Michael Newton.

Mastering Witchcraft by Huson is a must read. A Witches Bible by Farrar is far deeper than any new agey wicca crap that's printed these days. Anything by these authors is a must read, gerald gardner, alex sanders, dion fortune, aleister crowley. You were vague about what sort of books you are looking for so I'm just throwing things out there.

I had seen a book called The Book of Lies by Aleister Crowley. Any idea what that book is about? I understand it is about lies, but what kind of lies is Crowley pointing towards???

The book of lies, which is also falsely called so. There is some usefuly things in the book such as the mass of the pheonix, but its generally (according to crowley) material for babes of the abyss (high initiate).

Ah. Maybe that book isn't for me. :/ Maybe I could look into another one of his books. Perhaps his book 'The Book of the Law'.

There are several books by Jan Fries; Helrunar: A Manual of Rune Magick... Seidways: Shaking, Swaying, and Serpent Mysteries... Cauldron of the Gods: A Manual of Celtic Magick... but my favorite is Visual Magick: A Manual of Freestyle Shamanism... if you're an artist and have any blocks or you're stuck, there are bits and pieces here that will help you, among other things...

A word of caution... he's an odd duck, some don't care for him... And he's more ceremonial and chaos magic than shaman... but if you click with his writing, it's some good reading...

Another that would fit with this kind of warning, "some don't care for him"... would be Jean Markale, wrote an extensive series on the Celts, Druids, and Merlin... a lot of supposition perhaps, and referencing himself from his own books (which I have to admit can be questionable at best), but he has a wicked sarcastic sense of humor that shows through in his writing and presentation of the subject matter... and I appreciate that... 

I don't know where you are, how long you have practiced or your path, so I'm throwing a wide net here from my collection. Someone mentioned -the Farrar Janet&Stewart there good (its a shame he died but I see shes writing again, must check her out), then I would recommend Any thing from Scott Cunningham (died to young to), of Aleister Crowley I think his book- 777 and other Qabalistic Writings to be his best work. If you are looking to do Chakra System work I would suggest Wheels of Life by Anodea Judith, PH.D.. If you wont to know more about Gods and Goddesses I recommend- The Ultimate Encyclopedia of Mythology by Arthur Cotterell& Rachel Storm, I find it a handy book to have around. If you are looking to get into Herbalism I would recommend getting the set of- A Modern Herbal by Mrs. M. Grieve, but please Please Please if you are doing Herbalism please talk to some one who has been in it for a while and can help you going by books alone can poison you or worse. If you are looking to work the Kabalah and the Tree of Life you may like- Modern Magick by Donald Michael Kraig. A nuther Good book to have around is Animal-Speak by Ted Andrews, and also Your Psychic Potential by M. J. Abadie. also theres- The Complete Magician's Tables by Stephen Skinner. Theas are just some of the books I have in my library, you may like some you may not but what I would suggest is writing down as many as you wont and go to your library and see if thy can't order you some from other libraries if thy don't have them. You can read them and find out what you wont and whats right for you.


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