I'll start this by telling you that use of the large words does not come easy for me. Nor does it impress me. I do not choose to type them or use them because I do not talk like that in person. I can, but I don't. This is not to say and never underestimate how much I know and read. My spelling skills "suck butter milk through a straw" due to a learning disability from grade school. The friends who have met me in person are often left at aww by my quick response and word skills. So people often see me online as...not smart, to put it bluntly.
On the internet I find a lot of the "Witchy Folk" brand themselves with high titles. For some I'm sure these titles are fitting for various reasons but others are not. I find it hard to deal with a know it all 20 year old that tells me how to work my spells or do my rituals. When in fact I have been at this sinse the age of 13, with a 98% accurate rate when it comes to spell work. I do the math, I can and do read, and I'm not afraid to try just about anything when it comes to spell work.

My question here is this, do you consider book smart to be best or do you consider hands on trial and error to be best?
Also, how do you give yourself a powerful "Rev or High Priestess" name without being in a coven or propper schooling for this? Enquirring minds want to know.

I personally think a nice mix of BOTH is the best way to go and I will also go on to say, unless you have done these things for years, I find it rude to correct your elders in spell work matters.

I bet this one opens up a can of worms but I really don't care. I'm a curious person and am very sincere with wanting to know these things. Thank you for your response ahead of time.

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It's like the difference between learning about another religion from a book, and immersing yourself in the religion. Books can only take you so far.

Hear Hear Dar!!! I know allot of people who hold degrees from various Universities, they have acquired their knowledge through books, they are smart.......HOWEVER, They do not have a lick of common sense.

Young ones who are not taught common courtesy and respect have not right to ridicule and they certainly have no right to teach another the Craft, especially their elders. Reminds me of a 20 something "witch" ( and I use the term loosely), tried to scare me with a curse.....needless to say after I got done, her "coven" disbanded and she moved to another town....It's not nice to meddle in the affairs of a wizard.

I agree with you on the titles thing, O.K. you've learned your stuff, so that entitles you to special terminology? Technically, I CAN use the title of Reverend, I am a ordained Christian minister, but since I no longer follow the path I do not ( nor did I ever use it).....besides, Reverend comes from revere..meaning "to regard with mingled fear,respect,and affection" and it is a title given to the clergy. But I don't want people to like me with that mix, fear,respect,affection...I am human just like the rest.
We here in America, we don't have Lords/Ladies that is reserved for British Nobility, (Which my family were a part of), unless you are into the whole SCA thing...LOL.
Titles just are a way people build their own self-esteem.I use the term M'Lady on here often, but that is the chivirous knight in me : )
Peace and Blessings
Agreed, books have their place, but hands on knowledge must also walk hand in hand with the written word. I have a group on this site that is based on a list of reading for those who wish to read further but, in the end practise is the key. I also agree about titles I am a crone, have never been a member of a coven and have practised the craft for many a year and don't have a title. I prefer to work as a solitary it suits me as I can experiment in my own way without following rigid rules. I find I learn more in this way. Good question Dar Blessings.
I would tend to agree that it would be rude to correct or try to outsmart elders in a circle. I have only book knowledge and solitary experience and I find that this year I am going to meet people who know more than me. This is good for me. I think that both things are worthy the book smarts and the real life experience. But for instance I am still confused a bout how to cut a prper circle with my athame when I am used to doing it differently by demarcting the circle with baby powder which might be a little strange. It took me a while to get my tools and I'm still working on them. I don't know why people pick the names they do, but I would find it hilarious sometimes when younguns refer to themselves as Lord this and that or Lady whatever. Some people deserve those titles and some don't. This is a good discussion and fun. See ya.
I have to agree here. If the elder is doing something you know you be wrong then there is no reason not to say something. Blind obedience can be incredibly dangerous.

Also--age alone does not make an elder. Someone can be younger than you and still have more knowledge and wisdom than you.
In the beginning of anything new, books are a wonderful starting point. Learning all you can about your new religion by reading and talking to others is great, but hands-on after the research is probably the best for finding your own path. If all you do is read, it's not much more than an acedemic interest. Stepping out of the books is how you discover yourself. As for lofty titles, I don't really put much stock in them.
Moon Song, I see Your Point, How Ever The Lofty titles so to speak are something that one should be proud of. These Titles are an earned achievement with a group of others of like mind which tells a tale in and of it's self. Those Titles are there to show others that this person has made not only an Academic Achievement, But a long journey of Hands on Achievement as well. I do Understand however the displeasure of some to these titles. Some who use them to throw their weight around, in a manner that is not befitting of one who has obtained that leadership role. Which we might be on to something here, it may be that those who do use those titles are doing just that, using them to impress or, Peacocking as I like to call it, there way into making others believe that they have achieved the status Quo.

But now this travels into another Realm of learning. I think most of us can read a book, but to put into practice what we have read is for some a bit more difficult, and I do ask if you can find an open event to go to, and learn how other do things it is a good thing. I know that all of us have ran into the bad apples on our paths, and some shady charters. But there are some out there that do truly want to help you, and are not out for some stupid agenda. To my self hands on has been a far better teacher then the books can offer. A lot of books lend themselves to a lot of ceremony and not all of us like that sort of thing. Some times Simple is just as potent as the long drawn out rite.
I agree with the mix approach. I'm all about book learning, but book learning without experience makes you a philosopher, not a magician. Read up on theory, study what's out there, and then do it, by gods!
Well Said Lady Raven Well said every one.
Lets start by saying, love the replies so far! Thanks for the input, but I would like to let you all know that I'm not "holier than thou" nor is my attitude. I'm very down to earth, and straight forward most days. Mix that with a little manic Monday and comedy central and you have yourself an "OLDER" Witchy Woman thats still learning each and every day with a smile. This entire post stemed from a group on yahoo...not naming any names in case someone knows the bunch. The older Owner that got me to join was never around, and a 19 year old gal, and a 20 year old gal ran this group. You could not post one question that they were not in your "shit" pardon the word. Acting like the elder Witches of the group knew nothing, so I watched this go on for a bit. One day I asked had either of them ever worked a protection spell, where did you aquire your Rev name, have you delt with a "seer" or know how to change an alter with the seasons, they tossed me out like a hot potatoe. Yet I had to sit and listen to book page after page, day after day from those two and neither of them had a clue what they were posting most days. Much less the title Reverend that the 20 year old put upon herself...knowing that she wasnt. Its just sad that this is the type people who try to teach others. Sure I still have questions, everyone should still have questions about this. I don't claim to be something I'm not just to make me sound or look better. I will learn until the minuet I die.

I guess in general here, I don't respect younguns who have the "holier than thou" attitude. LOL I guess thats the bottom line for me as well. So we have something in common already.

I respect, to some degree, those who have been in Paganism longer than I. I will not respect an elder if they have the all to common, "holier than thou" attitude.
I think to have a well balanced education a person needs both books and hands on experience. As for the titles, I think the only way to truly earn the title is to have your own group recognize the title.
i like to do the reading first then practice upon my learning so a good mix of both is nice!


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