I've been having this feeling of needing something in my practice, it's been on and off since I started my path when I was about 17 or 18. Everything I do is elemental based and I don't have any kind of deity, familiar or guide that seemingly everyone else has and this has lead to me feeling honestly alittle jealous because I would love to have a patron Goddess or a spirit guide and no matter what I study or meditate about or even ask my cards, I get nothing.

Then recently one of my favorite YouTubers posted a video (the video is called 'deities, tarot and why I left Wicca' (she mentions it around 11:35 in the video if you want to find it) and her name is Samantha Valens(she is such a lovely person and she's one of the people I first looked up to when starting my path)) but anyways, she mentioned something about creating your own God or Goddess and the idea kind of stuck in my head.

Creating your own God, it confuses and interests me. I haven't found one that felt like all of me (I'm mixed and come from different backgrounds that I don't really feel any sort of real connection with culturally on either side) maybe I missed something, maybe there is a sort of mixed raced or multicultural goddess out there I haven't come across in all of my googling or maybe I'm drawn to this idea of creating my own so I could be the the one to discover her (or him?)

This is a totally new and intense thought for me and my gut is literally making me post this because this idea is stuck with me and I haven't been able to stop thinking about it for days (maybe it's a sign?) but anyways, I'm sorry this is so long (I tend to ramble) and I would love to hear any and all thoughts on this or how you may have first connected with your deity(ies)/guides! Thank you!

Small note, I've posted something almost identical to another pagan community group thing and I can't connect to it for whatever reason and I would love as many opinions and thoughts on this topic so I figure the more I share this, the better, so once again. Thank you for reading and sharing your thoughts!

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Hello , Kriss...

In the chaos magical tradition , there was a long history of creating one's god and/or goddess,

in the form of an egregore...

There were also group egregores created , though getting chaos magicians to agree on any one

thing was like herding cats...

However , in your case , you could build one in your consciousness , by one point focus on the

aspects you want that "deity" to embody...

Begin slowly...it is a very important part of the process to form in your mind the outer form of

the "deity" , as well the inner embodied attributes...

What do they look like , how do they communicate , what is their "domain" , how do they act ,

or conduct themselves , and importantly , what will they want or "demand" from you , once you

will them into being...

There are stories of Tibetan Tulpas , (a similar entity) that got out of hand , and required much

to banish them...

Now one other thing most important , other than one point focus on their creation , is your will

force , assisting you in their creation...without that , no creation can occur...

And then , there is imbueing your creation with your love force , which includes continual charging ,

by "worship" , or "devotional practices"...

These are a few factors in approaching this choice , if you so choose...

Bright Blessings , and good fortune , if this is to be your path...

Research : Egregores , Tulpas , building Godforms in ceremonial magic , development

of magickal will , and Chaos Magick , as a good beginning...as well , charging a creation ,

on a continual basis , once you create it...

If You Create Anything , It Needs Food Of Some Sort...Better Love , than something

which could backfire...Hai !

Thank you! Through my research I haven't come across egregores or tulpas so I will definitely look into them!
I personally don't believe in this at all to the point of absolute distain, but I want to say that if it is your path then I wish you luck and safety in it.
I think you should seek out the gods that do have names and history, perhaps through meditation and dreamscaping. If it doesn't work for you them do as you please. Just be careful.

We all have our beliefs , and ways , Psyche...

We choose our personal reality , while living in consensus reality...

By the way , I believe the word you wanted to use , was "disdain"...

Just to help with your future posts...Best to you...

Yes, as I said I have my beliefs on it and even if I don't agree with it I respect it is the way she wants to go. As for the typo it was autocorrect on my phone.

Well said...

As far as autocorrect , on computers , and phones...

I have always said they suck...the Gods of Chaos , Snafu , Fubar , and Murphy

rule those devices , as far as I am concerned...lol

I prefer a good old dictionary , one older than 1950's for "outdated" words , and

one new , at easy access , at all times , if I can...

May your deity guide you well...

I understand your concern and thank you for your reply. I've been looking for years of a deity that fit me but I couldn't come across one that seemed like me that I would be able to connect with. If you know of or heard of any that look like me, strong (mentally and physically) are full of love and kindness and spread joy, and work well with the elements and may have a special connection with the arts and creativity, please let me know. I know the list is alittle long, but it's most of what I'm in search of.
My mind immediately goes to the Muses who specializes in the arts and creativity. They bring harmony and joy into the world. It is a small lead, but it did come to mind.
Thank you! I'll look into it!

I got you fam
as others have said it's time you stat looking into chaos magick and post-modern occultism. Pop culture pagans are basically creating their own gods when they start putting serious mojo into fictional chracters. 


thats a good place to start reading on egregores and godforms and servitors. 

Oh snap! Thanks!!!


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