There has been a great tragedy that has occured in the state of Victoria, Australia. Bush fires were started deliberately on Saturday 7th of February. So far the death toll stands at 181 people, and is expected to rise to around 300. Whole towns have been wiped out, and a lot of people that passed away in the fire were trying to escape the fire, only to be killed in their cars. This is the worst bush fire in Australia's history.

Please send your energy, thoughts and prayers to the victims of this terrible tragedy.

Blessed Be

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From: Winter Dreams (105205354)
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Date: Feb 10, 2009 1:36 PM
Subject: To all my friends - Comment Australia-

This is a wild animal not a pet or one that has been handled by humans

They are desperate so they are coming out .

Plus there has been fire's lit deliberately by some hooligan with no heart.

Our animals are in dier straits here.

Below are some photos of what Koalas are having to do to get a drink.

The photos with cyclists were taken on Tuesday (Feb 3rd)

Poor animals......

Big hugs
winter_dreams A friend here on PS sent this in a bulletin in MS.

Prayers go out to all that are affected including all the animals.

Very true Pam, the animals have been the forgotten ones amongst this horrible event, my heart goes out to them as well.
Yes it is so sad, My friend's daughter just got back from there and she said it is horrid, So many lost homes and all their animals, Truly breaks my heart,
IT simply looked like a typical OZ sunset... Beautiful.... And then all in its path vaporizes...

Looks like the work of an INspirational Artist.... Nay.... Arson.....


Cheers Pam..
I have been reluctant to start, lest my fears become ALL too real.. I live in the foothills & had scub/slash fires 1km away, some of my beautiful trees fell due to the intense winds..The longevity of the heatwave we have been enduring for almost two weeks now of up to 48c plus has left nothing unscathed, everything is burnt if not by fire then by the air itself.. I have kept a vigil for all the native wildlife day in day out.. Owls, Falcons, Ravens, Parrots ect, and even the nocturnal Possums came out during the day seeking water due to the heat.. I could not believe how few people consider thier enviroment caring only for thier pets..

Then.... the news of the INferno raging up the hill where alot of my dear friends & family live just took my breath away.. For five days the carnage continues, although temps & winds are reduced the fires still blaze..
I AM holding on... waiting to hear news about loved ones missing in the King Lake area, God/Goddess bless them, and today other family members including my dear Ol Gran who is 99 yrs are facing the fire front in the town of Alexandra.. But the extreme heat of saturday's killer blaze thankfully has tempered & fire fighters are confident they can save the town and others like it..
The frustrating part IS no-one is allowed to go up the mountain, so even though we could help by rescuing Gran so to speak, we are not allowed..
The heroic stories are truly inspiring right along side the one's who valiently were.. untill the end...
May they be in the arms of love & grace.))))))))))

I have kept up my vigil for days now & would anyone who feels drawn to join me to please do so....

Goddess Bless, much love Lara..
Oh my Goddess, this is just awful. I will say very many protection prayers for your Gran and all of your family who are in harms way. I have lit so many healing candles tonight between the fires in Aussie and tornadoes in Oaklahoma.

Please stay safe my sister, Keep me informed, you can msg me if you like.

Goddess Bless and much love, Pam
My Dear Friends, I am so sorry to hear this tragic news...I am sending as much healing energy as I can for all those in need, during this horrific time...

Brightest Blessings My Friends
These photos were before the fires started, there are pictures of kangaroos in the ocean swimming!!!!! There are other Koalas that went to houses begging for water, people put water dishes out for them & they climbed into them & sat in the water........Temperatures were a scorching up to 48 C (118 F) day after day after day.......

The experts say these are the sorts of days we will have to look forward to in the future with the damage done to the planet. If that be the case it will see the end of most of the wildlife here :((((
Yes, I have friends in Melbourne.

energy, thoughts and prayers are being sent out to Victoria, Australia...May it end and healing to begain . May it rain and put out all the fires ..May the burns heal quickly and the people and animals to return to health . So Mote it be ...

That WE May....

Unite & share IN the burden embodiment carries...

That we may light the way & assist IN any way we can..

Blessings & Healing To ALL Beings In ALL Forms..

Mother Earth IS speaking to Father Sky.. That WE Listen...

God / Goddess Bless Journey Forth..

Cheers Lara))
Everyone is being so wonderfull & may I thank you all for your prayers / blessings...

My dear Gran is in the town of Alexandra & tonight will be telling for them.. At the ripe Ol age of 99 after five days of smoke & hype she is very distressed, poor darling & all the other folk like her..

At present my uncle & aunt (also In Alex are on alert..) The only road leading to thier property which is enormous even by oz standards is on fire, so they have no way out..
But due to the tragic events on sat & chages in weather, they have been afforded the time to at least prepare..
A dam close by to the house, with an upturned moored tinney (boat) snorkel & goggles ect.. IS thier last resort back up plan.. Gotta love the Aussie spirit..

The fact that they have lived an run a beautiful stud farm for twenty plus years, then developing milks, yoghurts & cheese's from sheeps milk for people who are very ill with cancer whilst receiving treatments, will mean nothing in the face of fire..

((( For years now our farmers have fought to allow thier horses / cattle / sheep to graze in the high country, due to the drought which has been relentless... Ironic that the bushland is such a tinder box now...)))

I have no doubt my uncle has let his animals loose to survive, there are places UP in the high country that call to the wild beast.. If they are free to run.....

To All who face a night of vigil anywhere in the world for whatever reason, may you feel the strength of LOVE & support being directed to you..
Be safe..

Blessings Lara..)))


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