There has been a great tragedy that has occured in the state of Victoria, Australia. Bush fires were started deliberately on Saturday 7th of February. So far the death toll stands at 181 people, and is expected to rise to around 300. Whole towns have been wiped out, and a lot of people that passed away in the fire were trying to escape the fire, only to be killed in their cars. This is the worst bush fire in Australia's history.

Please send your energy, thoughts and prayers to the victims of this terrible tragedy.

Blessed Be

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This is so sad.... I'm with Holly... Let's send rain
There are many scenes of wildlife begging for water, there is another wild Koala that drank 2 bottles from a Fireman while holding his hand........There are no words needed for a photo like that!

While Victoria are battling fires, most of the Northern State of Queensland is in flood, and has been declared a Disaster zone also.......Yet some folk that have lost everything in the flood, have made large donations to the fire appeal, considering that is even worse than their current living nightmare!!! This is what Aussies are like!

So far us Aussies have raised over 31 million dollars, and it is rising fast, which is exceptional considering our small population.......

We had rain here today, and there is little wind & lovely and cool.......I only hope this goes down South where it is needed .......They guess it will take weeks to get the fires under control.......Most of which have been deliberately lit, and when they are caught, they will spend life behind bars for mass murder......People are not allowed back to their homes /or where their homes used to be, as they are all currently crime scenes :(((

This is the worst disaster in Australian history.

Blessed Be
Well th tradgedy is continuin, large bushfires are still outta control wi some fronts expected to link up n there is th possibility of suburbs around Melbourne bein threatened While some fires are th work of arsonists other have occurred through natural phenomena such as lightning strikes and have been ragin fer a while due to excessive heatwaves and wild winds which carry burnin embers fer many kilometers n start spotfires in other areas
Wi th way th climate is changin this wont be an isolated incident, bushfires will continue get worse and harder to contain and control...
Th irony is that some towns in Queensland, Australia have been isolated by floods fer th past two weeks and th waters are just receedin... if only there was a way t'transport it to Victoria as rain
my heart and my soul goes out to you all and my prayers and my enery to
my sister stays in melbourn we have been in contact and at the mo she is ok but and thereis always a but things can change and as we stay so far away we feel helplesss to help
l will be thinking of you evey day
Brightest Blessings


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