I can't believe this:
Bush Administration's Latest Attack on Women's Health

The Bush Administration's Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) recently released a rule that undermines patients' access to vital health services and information by greatly expanding existing laws intended to govern the right to refuse to provide abortion care.

By failing to provide a definition of abortion consistent with accepted medical standards, the proposed rule leaves the door open for doctors, nurses, insurance plans, hospitals, and nearly any other employee in a health care setting to deny access to most forms of birth control. In addition, the rule reaches even further than birth control and abortion: it expands the scope and reach of existing law to limit information on and access to the entire range of health care services -- including treatment of infertility, depression, drug addiction, HIV/AIDS, and more.

You can find more information at www.nwlc.org

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I totally agree with you! Bush is a total idiot; he and his adminstration has been pushing for this issue to be passed since his final months in office! I knew about this since September that he was trying and finally in December they got this law to pass. It will be effective Jan. 18 2009 and if a state doesn't abide by this law the government will cut millions of dollars from their Health Care!!
I agree with you on that if you want to be a doctor but, don't believe what's in your patients best interest take your ass and look for another career.
as a social work major( a primarily liberal field) i will be the first to admit that just because one's moral beliefs disregard something, it doesn't mean they can't do their job.

a vegan can be a butcher as long as he/she is not the one using the animal.
a christian(for example) doctor etc. can still practice and help their patients.

i know plenty of christian who recognize that although they don't believe in abortion or birth control, not everyone else shares their views and some people have legitimate reasons for needing them.
they can send the patient to someone else if they feel that strongly against it, otherwise they just try to do what is best for the patient/what the patient wants.

lets face it, if everyone followed their religions as closely as Bush follows the Pro-life fight...how many soldiers would we really have in the action. almost every religion adheres to some form of "thou shalt not kill"...but you don't see Bush reminding people that "except in cases of war" isn't included in those beliefs.

*shakes head* but i agree that a large amount of medical professionals seem to become a medical professional in order to try to keep people from doing things that individual professional deems wrong.
I think people should stop having kids, you dont see me forcing entire generations to be sterilized.
Simple but well said!
All I can say that I am more than pleased that this will be his last full week in office.
So am I. I hope President Obama fixes this problem.
In my time in the Nursing field I have seen many times when a nurse's personal beliefs were challenged by the patient's needs and beliefs. It is balancing the two that is so difficult. The article states that these two things have been balanced, this is not true. A health care provider has the right, as a human and citizen, to refuse to provide care that is objectionable to them personally, however, they do have an obligation to refer the patient to someone who can provide the care. Catholic and other religious hospitals can refuse to provide abortions, but must refer to facilities that do.
We must respect everyones rights, caregiver and patient. Sometimes these two seem at odds.
I personally have had no problems in this area, as I respect people and their personal beliefs, as a part of my own creed. Therefore I have cared for patients that others have "opted out" of caring for.
This argument has been ongoing since before Bill Clinton took office, and it may continue long after Obama leaves office. It is the massive egos and contentious nature in congress that keeps things like this stirred up and unsolved, even with good leadership in the white house. Very unfortunate.
This is very unfortunate. I wonder when people will quit telling women what to do with their bodies. I mean this is dangerous! I was just diagnosed with cervical dysplaysia (pre-cancer) and now what if a doctor refuses to treat me? Should I just save up my money and run away to Canada so I can be treated?
you know the really sad thing though. a lot of insurance companies won't pay for birth control or abortions, and hospitals will refuse to provide them....but most of those insurance companies will provide Viagra for men, which is actually a medication originally used for heart problems, and they just found a nice side effect, and now is rarely used for its intended purpose..
Bush was asked that question during a conference once. Why are men allowed to have Viagara and women cannot have birth control? He stated that it is because for men it is a condition and women don't NEED birth control.

When a man with a god complex is in office and thinks women are less than him, did we women really think this psycho would want to do anything to help us? He is rich enough that if his rotten daughters get pregnant, all he has to do is fly them to a different country and get the abortion without the US population knowing about it.

Thank the heavens above and below that the 20th is the end of his pathetic attempt at presidency.
You're kidding me?! Viagra? Is that really so important? What if the man taking Viagra gets the woman pregnant? What then, "oops?" Or, "blame/thank Bush for the lack of birth control." So a man's erection is more valuable, than a woman's right to protect here ova? They can't possibly pass this! It's ridiculous. There are women who need those forms of medication other than preventing pregnancy/abuse.

Random question: Isn't there a Viagra for women also?
there is the g-spot shot and a few pills that have a similar effect, but women's bodies just don't work quite the same way as men's.


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