I can't believe this:
Bush Administration's Latest Attack on Women's Health

The Bush Administration's Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) recently released a rule that undermines patients' access to vital health services and information by greatly expanding existing laws intended to govern the right to refuse to provide abortion care.

By failing to provide a definition of abortion consistent with accepted medical standards, the proposed rule leaves the door open for doctors, nurses, insurance plans, hospitals, and nearly any other employee in a health care setting to deny access to most forms of birth control. In addition, the rule reaches even further than birth control and abortion: it expands the scope and reach of existing law to limit information on and access to the entire range of health care services -- including treatment of infertility, depression, drug addiction, HIV/AIDS, and more.

You can find more information at www.nwlc.org

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They already passed this law goes into effect Jan 20 of this year!
I hope and pray that Obama changes that. He can't let something like that stand for long.
Well, when he leaves I am sure that will be changed. He can't speak, he can't think, and he surely doesn't give a damn about anyone but his pocketbook! I also believe he is the worst president we have had.

He is giving his farewell speech tonight and I say good riddance!!!!
Me to! Some how they got this law so it can't be cleaned up quickly and a few states are suing.
better start believing.

this world aint a playpen and there are people who will destroy anyone that is an obstacle to their desires.
That's true.
Personally I like the way Bush handed the attack on 9/11. But sorry dude, this is not propaganda this is for real. I work at a place where we pay attention to this sort of thing.
i agree, Bush has nothing but the best intentions. he's done what he has felt is best for his country and it's citizens. ( we have to remember that many people outside of this board have the same opinions of us that we have of him)

however i believe the same of Hitler. he went about things a terrible way, but he thought he was doing what was best for his country, his people.

and the fact that Bush has to be reminded to go to the bathroom first just proves that he couldn't have possibly messed everything up this badly without help. its not so much him as the puppet masters.
Happily, Bush is a lame duck, and his days are numbered greatly. I really think things will take a more positive turn once we get him OUT of office...in fact, if he needs help moving I'd be happy to help him pack! LOL!
Scary boy is LEAVING the BUILDING! YAY!!!
(btw...did you see the article on where he will rate in history? LOL! Doesn't look good!)
LOL! SURELY the Bush family has their own Uhaul? (yeah, yeah, they call it a limosine, but the washer and dryer fit in the back!) I know his family must love him, but you gotta wonder if they MIGHT be thinking now it would have been a better thing if those chits in Florida had shown Al Gore as the winner. Might have left their name with ...oh...less of an odeur! LOL!
Afterall, all George Sr did was throw up on Japan (or was it China, I forget now)...but look at the mess his son made! SHEESH!
please don't forget that, but for the Electoral College, we should have had gore as president. After all, he did win the popular vote.
well, Nixon got caught with his hand in the ballot box - not too hard to imagine that someone else could do a better job of it by more effectively using the system itself to their advantage.


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