A friend of mine is coordinating a Pagan auction on Tophatter, please help us establish a Pagan presence there. Thank you for taking the time to read this post.

My name is cynthia, and I think you may benefit from an auction I'm trying to put together on tophatter.com for next month. The exact date is pending, based on response, but is set for june 9th. (Please note that the times are pacific time USA) I'm trying to organize a pagan/wiccan themed auction on this venue, where musicians, artists, and pagan themed creators can sell their wares. As a hostess, I'm looking for everything and anything pagan: artwork, books, cd's, spell kits, witchcraft supplies, tools, apparel, accessories, jewelry, etc. Anything pagan or pagan related that you'd like to sell, the more diverse, the merrier!! For those of you who are prominent in the pagan community, maybe you can put up an autographed photo or copy of your work. :D

Here is a link for you to list your item for sale: http://tophatter.com/auctions/653f59/submit

You may share this link with sellers of pagan related items that you know and trust, so that they may list something for sale. The only thing asked of you as a seller is to invite people to attend.

This is a private auction. That means that the sellers are responsible for inviting people to come, and promoting the auction. The more people we invite, the better everyone does. If the room is full of sellers, the bidding won't go so well. ;) Here is the link to send people an invitation: http://tophatter.com/auctions/2358

The way the auction works:

I personally do not get any money from anything you sell. It's free to list something, and the venue only takes a fee of 10% (or the minimum of $1) of your sale IF you sell something. It doesn't charge you anything if you don't sell. The site uses paypal only, all your sales money will go directly into your paypal account. If your item doesn't sell, all you lose is the time and effort you put in, you are under no obligation to the venue. (Or to me either lol)

Every person can list a certain number of items, I'm asking everyone to enter between 1-10 items for sale. If you'd like to sell more than 10, I can make arrangements. I'd like to treat everyone fairly and give them an equal opportunity. You build the listing yourself, which is pretty easy: have 3 pictures ready to upload, and write a brief description about it. Set a starting bid, keep in mind that if only one person bids, that is what it will sell for. Having a low starting price will entice bidding, try to find a good balance. Show what you'd charge for shipping and where you'll ship to. I recommend having great pictures, it helps things sell better.

The venue is a live, real-time auction. People enter the chat room and bid on the items as they come up. If your item sells, you ship it out to them after you get paid. All payments come directly from the buyer. I am just a hostess, there to help you get your foot in the door. :)

It's best, as a seller, for you to be in the chat room while your item is being auctioned, so you can explain the details and answer any questions. Things sell better if the seller is in attendance, (unless you're super famous) but it is not required that you attend.

The only thing I ask as the hostess, is that if you list something for sale, please invite as many people as you can to attend. Please help promote the auction by having a link on your social feed pages and websites. The more we put into it, the more we'll all get out of it!

In the event that I do not have enough items to hold a successful auction, I will reschedule it for a later date so we have more time to build it up. That way no one is wasting their time.

Even if you don't want to sell something, you can help out by inviting people. :)

Thanks for taking the time to read this lengthy post, I hope this will be a success, and that you'll want to be involved. If it is successful, I'll be hostessing more. :) blessed be, cynthia

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This is a cool idea, though 10% is a little high. Not knocking it or anything but ebay only charged 8% and etsy only 2% the last time I sold things there.  I do like the real time and chat options though. I think it makes selling a little more personal and you're probably less likely to get e-sniped LOL

That's true, but there are listing fees with both ebay and etsy as well as additional pic fees for ebay. I does sell in all three venues too. Tophatter is fun because your can interact with the bidders and answer all of their questions on the spot. It's very fast paced and exciting to see a lot of people there checking out your item. The auctions I've attended have had anywhere from 100 -200 in attendance and can get quite competitive. I enjoy all three venues.


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