Can animals see our energy feilds? or jus sense them?

Titles purdy much the question

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I don't know if animals just sense our aura's or see them. I do know that animals can tell though, however they do it whether we mean to harm or not.
They definitely seem to sense them...but it's impossible to say if they see them without asking a dog...and dogs tend not to speak human.
I was sitting in the TV room with my famlies dog watching tv and the computer chair was behind me empty. My dog started barking at the empty chair and I felt a males energy sitting in the chair and my dog started barking again at it.
I think they see everything we see...
I agree, and maybe a little more
Different animals (not only mammals but birds insects etc.) have keener senses in general than humans and can not only see or sense not only what humans do but things which we cannot.

It depends on the animal/species one is talking about. For example:

Certain animals, including bats and cetaceans, have the ability to determine orientation to other objects through interpretation of reflected sound (like sonar).

Non-human species such as canines dogs have a much keener sense of smell than humans. Insects their have olfactory receptors on their antennae and their sense of 'smell' can be extraordinarily acute.

In addition, some animals have senses that humans do not have, including the following gems of nature!

Several species of fish including sharks and rays have the ability to detect electric fields. This is called electroception or electroreception. The only mammal that has this type of ability is the "monotreme" order or the common (or not so common) platypus which has the most acute sense of "electroception"; although one could say humans may key off of certain stimuli such as hair raising on hands or back of neck.

The ability to detect fluctuations in magnetic fields is most commonly observed in birds although it has also been observed in bees. It is said that magnetotactic bacteria build miniature magnets inside themselves and use them to determine their orientation relative to the Earth's magnetic field. I never really understood the why of this one,however, I never talked to a bacterium (?) and asked.

Some arthropods (insects, mantis, shrimp), mollusks (cuttlefish, squid, octopuses) and fish are sensitive to polarized light. Humans also had the ability to see polarized light; typically on LCDs or while looking through polarized sunglasses or while facing away from the sun. Typically yellow in color to us.

Even some plants have certain sensory organs, for example the Venus fly trap. That interesting plant will respond to vibration, light, water, scents, or other specific chemicals. Some plants sense the location of other plants and attack and eat part of them. Talk about a fun fact (different subject/thread).

Cats are often sesitivized to the paranormal or so the debate rages.

Sorry if beyond scope of question but all of the above is quite fascinating to me and how our neighbors communicate with Mother Earth and with others.

na man thats cool as, im reading the celistine prophecy and wondered from the 4th insight. I wonder if mother earths frequency has something to do with it as well, like how birds flock to the skies if a natural disaster is about to occur (the day after tomorrow etc) I jus love how some animals let me pat them when they don't know me and won't let others, like they know im there to admire their beauty and to only do good. makes me feel special hahahhah
I think it may well be a blend of the both sight and sense.... As for how my cat has been with me before and after the healing work with a Shaman... And how she is around different people...
you can't really know that as they don't talk, but then when we say we "see" something, it doesn't neceserrily need to be with our eyes, right? in the end, it doesn't really matter, it si important that we feel that they feel it, one way or another. not all the people see othere beings' energy fields, but most can feel them.


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