I've been having this dream the past couple of nights and have been wondering its meaning:

Apparently what I do is drive to a party but in a weird kind of highway. Kinda similar to a bridge but it's not actually crossing water. I park my car, made sure my keys were in my pocket and not in the car, and did my thing. The party isn't the important part, especially since I never really remember it. Afterwards I go looking for my car and it is no where to be found. I panic and search for what feels like days, talking to police, asking people who were there, and I never find it.

The dream has not changed and I was wondering if anyone can help me decipher it? Thanks.

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How long have you been having this recurring dream?
Not to make fun, but maybe you will loose your keys to your car. I have had dreams that have told me about upcoming events in my life multiple times. it's always a possibility.

I've been having this dream for almost a week now. 

I have locked my keys in the car before, recently within the last month or two, and that really sucked but never lost lost my keys. I have charms on them for that reason.

It is a possibility though.

Hmmm now you have me thinking. 

I have been wanting to move out of my bfs moms house... maybe it's something to do with that. I want to but I can't because I can't afford to.


Wow, thank you very much! All of the keynotes together is kinda confusing but I am sure I can manage. I know the panic plays a roll in my life currently, ironically enough. And the being talked about by my enemies doesn't sound too appealing :[

But thank you!

This is just my opinion. Are you afraid of losing something important in your life? It sounds like it represents the fear of loss, which may not be a literal car or transportation, and since it is reoccurring that sounds more like what it is. It could even be loss of freedom or a fear of it. I can't tell you what you believe or fear you're losing though. That's for you to decide.

No you actually got it. I am afraid I don't have much freedom anymore. A part of being a grown up lol

yeah, freedom can be an illusion. Glad i can help. I just associate myself with driving = freedom, at a young age.

Yeah same. When I don't have a car, I get claustrophobic in my house.

Can you recall the kind of car you're driving--size, color? In my experience the shape, size and color of the cars we drive in our dreams correlate to our current state of self-esteem and confidence levels.

The bridge, I believe represents your current course in life.  Think of a bridge.  When you're on a bridge in real life, you can't get off until you make it to one end or the other.  Bridges only present two options: One way or the other way.  In your waking life, you may feel that you have no other options beside 'black' or 'white'.  Alternatively, you may feel that your current course in life is something you cannot exit until you reach some undefined end point.  In this case, perhaps your patience and resolve is being tested.  When people have trouble in long-term situations they cannot escape, I recommend Chrysocolla and Citrine.

I think the Party represents a milestone you are looking forward to, perhaps freedom from your current situation.  When you get to the party (or milestone/goal), you get trapped there.  You exit the party to find your ride missing.  This suggests to me that on some level, you know that your current course may not be what you want and you feel trapped.  Maybe there are concerns that your investments may not show return.  This could be all kinds of investments (i.e. an investment of your time and energy, your love, making sacrifices, etc.).

But, when you get to the party, you are conscientious to remember your keys!  Are you a lucid dreamer?  It might be a fun exercise to attempt to control your dream once you find your car missing.  Maybe you can manifest a door that the keys will fit into.  Pick a place and command the door take you there. 

Anyway I thought I would take a crack at your dream.  I hope this helps, or at the very least entertains you :3 I trust everything will turn out well for you.

yep. It's the current car I drive. a 1999 Mercury Cougar, dark green, and it's a regular car size haha. 

hmmm interesting viewpoint on the bridge there. think you're onto something.

yeah I do have worries. such as I do want to move out with my bf out of his moms house but we cant. and if we do move out, i don't want to be homeless because i have bad credit and the house would be under his name temporarily until I better my score. Those are my concerns.

I've never done that before, I can try to learn though.


Drawing tenuous lines here but:  Dark green may correlate to matters of the heart, and perhaps Mercury may correlate to the planet, ruling communication, discernment and relations with friends and neighbors.

I think no matter what options you think you have (or don't have), heartfelt communication with those around you may help ease tensions until new doors open up. 

MORE threads about dreams.  They're fun!  Next time I have a doozy, I'll post it.

Sounds great! And if I have recurring dreams I usually seek answers. If it's a one time kinda thing, I leave it be.


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