I've been having this dream the past couple of nights and have been wondering its meaning:

Apparently what I do is drive to a party but in a weird kind of highway. Kinda similar to a bridge but it's not actually crossing water. I park my car, made sure my keys were in my pocket and not in the car, and did my thing. The party isn't the important part, especially since I never really remember it. Afterwards I go looking for my car and it is no where to be found. I panic and search for what feels like days, talking to police, asking people who were there, and I never find it.

The dream has not changed and I was wondering if anyone can help me decipher it? Thanks.

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you feel stuck. like there is nothing you can do And you've  tried everything. you feel like everyone isenjoyingthings or you aren't slowing down to take stuff in. it is just a way of telling you thatyou  need to look in the right places for your happiness. remind yourself of the things you want to accomplish and how you want to be treated and don't expect your happiness or needs or path to be similar to anyone elses. remember that this dream could be any aspect of your life iwould say it would be about close family and friends in some way. but don'tknow all the details only u do. also if you're a lucid dreamer try walking after your caris stolen.

I remember walking a little bit but I was looking for the car. That's when the police came into play. I don't remember too much

no one has brought up that viewpoint about the party and keys yet. interesting viewpoint.

Does your car represent a freedom to you? For me, my truck is a symbol of my freedom, I can get in it and the world is open to me, I can go anywhere I please, so the loss of your car could be symbolic of a sense of lost freedom or percieved loss of choices. The "bridge" that isn't a bridge could represent a path you want to take, and the party, tho not recalled, could symbolize the destination of that path you want to follow. So I would, if it were me, look at where I am, where I want to go, what is the desination? And how I wanted to get there. Know this is a late posting, but your dream interested me, because it dealt with a vehical, I have many dreams , tho not exactly the same are similar and always involves my truck, who's name is CROWBAIT by the way. ;>)

Don't get lost on your spiritual quest. You don't need to ask anyone of authority for help. You need trust yourself. You're not going to get lost. Your on the right path. So celebrate!!!!

Sounds like you're missing something important in your life, and you're scared out of your mind because you can't find it. You seem to have the key to this thing though: whatever it is, now you just need to find it. It might or might not be love, only you can answer that.


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