Ok. So Extreme Home Makeover is currently filming in Bufflo Ny's west side on Mass. Ave rebuilding a house of a woman w/7 kids. I thought it was pretty cool, especially when a record number of people volenteered to help w/ the build. So many in fact that they've decided to fix up some of the other houses in the nieghborhood to keep them all occupied. Sad when the only way it can get done is when there's a tv show paying.
That's the good, heres the annoying.
Untead of being happy for the familym some are annoyed. I was listening to the local WEDG FM Djs talking about it and they had people call in.
One lady said it was great and all but it should be a person from Buffalo getting the make over. She wasn't paying attention I suppose, or she couldn't get over the fact that the lucky woman was born in Jamaca.

Another didn't see the point because she believes that the people on the Westside are lazy and don't deserve good things. I'm not suprised people would say things like that.
Why is it The US has choosen to be xenophobic?
Why is it people still think being poor = lazy?

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I watched the show before they took it off the air. Come to find out......if I heard correctly, the family you were talking about (7 kids), the kids were all friends of the lady who owned the house and they scripted the whole show (Ty had nothing to do with that one). Other stories I heard, people still had to pay for their morgages and after the "rebuild" and such.....payments went out the roof....

So I am not surprised either.....no I am not bad mouthing the show, ty, the contracters or anyone with concections to, but....am just saying and am not trying to start anything either


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