I have been reading a lot of discussions where people agree but have to argue.

For example, they agree to the end result, but to get there, they have to have a major pissing contest.

In the discussion of "BS pagan facts" on of the falicies is that Pagans all get along.


So here is the question.


If ALL pagan factions don't get along, who's fault is it?  And, more importantly, what are we doing ourselves to ensure peace?


Let's face it, it is still an anti pagan world out there.  Are we doing ourselves any favors by bickering within our own community?   (being overly sensitive, egocentric, not taking time out to re read posts and responses, assuming, flying off the handle, yelling and attacking first and asking questions later)  So many good people have left because of the wolf pack mentality.


When those who wish to see our way of life conformed to main stream look in and see this hatred, how can we justify it?


Are we setting the right example?  

It seems we are our own worst enemy and it breaks my heart.




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All pagans are humans, humans do not all get along, therefore pagans do not all get along.
but what are you going to do about it? what can you do personally? what personal rules will you instill to do your part to ensure peace.
There are many ways for a group or community to not tear itself apart. One way is called the social contract. The social contract for this website falls under the TOS and board policy created by the admin.
but what are YOU doing? You, Anna, how do you ensure peace?
I've not been assigned the job of peace officer for this board.
My dear, you still haven't answered the question. How do you difuse situations?
your responsibility is to follow the rules established to keep order.
JOHN,I disagree with you. I believe MANY people do and strive to be responsible for themselves and their own words. I see people apologizing when needed all the time. And those that get apologized to saying they accept it. PEOPLE are here for MANY reasons,some to learn,some to makes friends,some for support and some to simply fight with others. We all determine our own responsibility,. the fact is over 30,000 of us on here,there will be disagreements ,name calling ,folks we really like and others we cant stand and those that cant stand us. Some are more peaceful than others. What really gets me,as i get messages from folks saying they love my discussion but wont comment because oif fear iof getting jumprd on,now that is simply wrong. Everyone should feel free to comment. I will endeavor to OWN my OWN words and be reponsible for them. i prefer to dance rather thsn fight,myself.,so i try to add humor at times to difuse situations,but other times I add the fuel too.,recognizing our own input is a must.
THANKS,just my humble viewpoint on it. Have a grande day,Sir!
but what are you going to do about it? what can you do personally? what personal rules will you instill to do your part to ensure peace.

I ensure and have peace with who I want to have peace with. And if I choose to not have peace with someone then that is by business and doesn't reflect any ill on me except what someone wants to choose to think about it.

I don't owe the world peace, though I am peaceful in most of my ideas, I do not adhere to any doctrine of peace.
But it DOES reflect ill on you! And, yes, you do owe the world peace only when every one generates peace will there be peace and it starts with me and you. But you will NEVER understand that nor admit to it. I'm done!


This whole post is nothing but your opinion John.


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