I have been reading a lot of discussions where people agree but have to argue.

For example, they agree to the end result, but to get there, they have to have a major pissing contest.

In the discussion of "BS pagan facts" on of the falicies is that Pagans all get along.


So here is the question.


If ALL pagan factions don't get along, who's fault is it?  And, more importantly, what are we doing ourselves to ensure peace?


Let's face it, it is still an anti pagan world out there.  Are we doing ourselves any favors by bickering within our own community?   (being overly sensitive, egocentric, not taking time out to re read posts and responses, assuming, flying off the handle, yelling and attacking first and asking questions later)  So many good people have left because of the wolf pack mentality.


When those who wish to see our way of life conformed to main stream look in and see this hatred, how can we justify it?


Are we setting the right example?  

It seems we are our own worst enemy and it breaks my heart.




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WHEN lou dont join in,when you want to WEASEL QUEEN,that is letting someone else determine your parameters. I say HELL NO! YOU decide when and where you want to participate. I agree with you if it is really going to upset you that much,then dont,but not to add to a discussion because of the other participants response? No Way!
I am the same online as in meatlife because I don't see the point in being any other way. If people can't handle me being myself, then they aren't people I want to be around.
I feel the same LADY V!! I believe you.
I AM number 1 to myself,that is what matters and then ALL else can radiate out from there. I may 10,000 to someone eles,irrelevent. I simply see people for what they are. It is because of traumatic things that many of us that are empowered are the way we are,we have evolved and became the people we are because we have been through bullshit,survived and thrived.Period.
I believe it!! NOONE has had it perfect,but coming through the rye makes us tough,strong and being able to keep moving forward. i've had my dark times too,not speaking magically,but shitty times in life.I've grown,avchieved and thrived,truely. aLL about choices. THANKS!!
To be fair there is a lot to bicker about.

Pagans & folks that are in similar orbits have their own mind about what they believe, and each individual's belief system is unique to them. Obvious :) but what isn't as obvious is we're dealing with varying levels of maturity, ages, life experiences, etc. What may be a no big deal comment to me could be a real hot button for you, and I agree, it's up to each individual to pick and choose their battles and not over react.

But that isn't going to happen of course. What I see isn't really hatred, but a bunch of individuals trying to stand their ground within their own beliefs. Some are open to new ideas, or are accepting that other folks viewpoints. Others react harshly with whatever they perceive as an attack on what they feel is right or just. Folks have ego, some folks want to appear powerful... and see being pagan as a race or pissing contest to see who has the most 'knowledge' or 'psychic ability' or is the best 'teacher', or whatever. I haven't even gone into the folks who believe that they are otherkin or that they see fairies or have dragons in their basement vs the people who believe all that is nonsense. When you get a bunch of people who are so diverse and lump them in a metaphorical room like this, you're going to get what we have.

I see nothing wrong with debate. Discussions help us better define why we believe as we do, and if the beliefs don't hold water, then they should be questioned. Questioning something we want to believe as true can be very uncomfortable, especially if that person doesn't want to question it. It's through conflict that people grow and build character. If we were all holding hands and singing kumbyah together our community would falter in flakyness. We can't effectively discuss or debate with those who don't share our beliefs if we can't discuss or debate them among ourselves.

Consider that the current movement towards Paganism & earth based spirituality & reconstructed cultural spirituality is a movement that is less than a hundred years old. This is natural. If you look at any other spirituality you will see similar conflicts not only in the historical development but in their current state as well. For example the debate of homosexuality has many different Christian denominations in serious debate that threatens to divide several of them. I'm sure this one issue is bringing about some knock down drag outs, and and that's just one conversation of many. Heck I recall all kinds of arguments and debate when I was going through confirmation as a Methodist back when I was in high school, & I haven't even gone into debates among different sects in Christianity, or any other religion (because all of them have different sects).

Relax, we're fine :)

The only thing you can do is do your best to be civil, & let other folks develop as they may.
I didn't know there was an issue. But, I have a thicker skin than some.
It's not about this issues that we disagree on - it's about HOW we do it. Writing in conversations like this has got to be one of the harder ways to communicate - especially ideas about religion and politics...
BUT respect, courtesy, writing as so not to antagonize someone is important if we ARE to learn anything about these larger issues from each other.
Often words are misinterpreted and one person's joke or frank comment becomes another's reason to attack or pout. Then the other person is offended by the snide remark made back. So I think it makes sense not to mud sling, because half the time it wasn't mud at all that was thrown in the first place...but maybe it was ... why?

BECAUSE --- Some folks like to push other people's buttons, simple as that. I think it's a waste of time, but the nice thing about the computer is I can walk away, let it drop.

PS I know that trees don't have buttons and they rarely sling mud...but I like metaphores because I am a poet. ; )
*thumbs up*
Can be good for us DUDE,to a point till it degenerates into hate,mob mentality,name calling (that is NOT related to the subject) like why the hell EVER bring my hair into it,too? when does the arguing,contention and debate cross that line? I believe THAT is what AUD is talking about here. I have see people call others paths lies,them liars,etc,that is NOT productive in any way,is it,? for anm example.........In any debate do peoole say You Are A liar? Mayhaps..I dont know,but it kinda makes credibility go out the door
Hmmm, getting along. Well, if someone just usually gets on my nerves, I avoid them. I don't answer their posts and I ignore them if they attack me. Yes, there have been a few times I've given in and let go on someone, but it doesn't take long before I see the "error of my ways" and move on. Life is short, I'd rather spend my time visiting with people who make me smile rather than those who piss me off. There are places I have to deal with bitchiness, work is one of them. But in my leisure time, I don't have to put up with it, so I walk away!

Peace and happy Saturday night! :)
I should add that there is a big difference between a good healthy debate and mean spirited nastiness. I love a good debate!


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