CARM, Can you insult wiccans anymore then you do already?....

I was looking up wiccan stuff when I came across this stupid site. What pisses me off is how they are trying to to tell us "No Offense" when clearly they are intending to offend us....just look at this crap...


First of all this really pisses me off "What should i do if my child gets involved in wicca?

these people are like forcing Christianity onto their children

"First of all, you need to read the Bible and pray regularly. You need to realize that this is a spiritual battle and that there are demonic forces involved. You cannot expect to win a spiritual battle if you are not praying.

Second, for what should you pray? Pray for the binding of the enemy, for spiritual insight, for protection in your home, protection for your children, yourself, your finances, your automobiles, your health, etc. I do not say these things lightly.

Once I began researching Wicca in order to write and expose it on this web site, within a two-week period several things happened. I had a nightmare so unpleasant that I woke up and immediately knew it was tied to Wicca. "


Bullshit is written on this page:



then this "If you are wiccan, please read this"

"If you are a Wiccan, thank you for reading this article. We at CARM want you to understand that we do not hold animosity towards you.  We are not afraid of Wicca, of the spells or the incantations, have not been wronged by any Wiccans, and we do not believe that you purposefully worship Satan."

then they go off about how Christians who give bad behavior towards us are not true believers and blah blah they even realize that they are insulting us and that IS bad behavior????


I mean i don't hate Christians at all, I just dislike Christians who act like THAT ^ I mean what the heck.....what do you all think?

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Do you think Jews spend their time browsing holocaust-denying websites?

One should not care what others think of them. They should simply strive for personal satisfaction from completion personal goals of spiritual growth, physical health and mental stability.

My worth, my religious views, and my artistic expression, are not determined by external factos, but by internal ones.
Don't forget, Wicca is a legit religion, too. To deny that is to deny the rights of followers of Wicca. You also are a 'religious' person. That's a good thing. I'm nit-picking; Know what you mean.

I promise you if you stay with your path you will someday look back and not even pay attention to any of these annoying comments.. I too used to get offended also when I first became involved with my "path".. then I realized what I was really offended about and that was living a life thinking I was a good Catholic only to have it all change when I got away from the church and did some historical research.. it takes a long time to deprogram from something you have grown up with.. but that was long ago.. there will always be people out there who will post these kind of uneducated and hurtful comments.. many Paganfolk have experienced this and are/were outraged when they finally made a decision to leave the faith they were brought up in... you are not alone.. go forward and "do you will"  and find your place rather than dwell on trying to change something that is not part of you anymore...

Bright Blessings and an enjoyable Samhain..

Exactly. That posting is a Christian practising one variant of Christianity. It really shouldn't concern a non-Christian. It's not as if you're in danger of accidentally converting just from having read that web page. The best defence is to know your own path; be knowledgeable enough to answer honest questions for the genuinely curious, and to defend your beliefs when attacked.
Indeed many christians are not "harmless people" 

There are a few unfair assumptions I see here. I don't see anything particularly insulting in the first part. Change a couple phrases with synonyms and look at the meaning:

"First of all, you need to read the [sacred texts] and [commune with the divine] regularly. You need to realize that this is a spiritual battle and that there are [maleficent] forces involved. You cannot expect to win a spiritual battle if you are not [communing with the divine].

Second, for what should you pray? Pray for the binding of the enemy, for spiritual insight, for protection in your home, protection for your children, yourself, your finances, your automobiles, your health, etc. I do not say these things lightly."

I should expect this is good advise for one of any religion. Read about your gods, pray to them, perform rituals. That's what Christians do. They just don't like the word 'magic'. It's silly, but that's what it is. 

Later on, the site has this:

"Seventh, don't scream and yell at your child for his or her involvement in Wicca"

I wish MORE Christians would be this rational. 

You want Christians who believe that they should not "shove Christian theology down their [children's] throats" - that was number eleven.

SOME Christians (particularly the more conservative side) think that anyone who doesn't worship God by the names of Jesus, YHWH, & Holy Spirit, is by default worshipping Satan. They don't understand that Satan doesn't exist in the beliefs of wicca, that people really CAN discern good influences from bad (they definitely don't understand that there are gods and spirits who are neither 'good' nor 'evil'). 


Over all, this site is a step in the right direction. They are encouraging their people to not freak-out and scream at their kids. Of course they are going to try to convince them to drop Wicca b/c it is terrifying for the Christian to think their kid is condemned. They would do the same if their child converted to Islam (which technically worships the same deity). Their scriptures teach them to do this. In general, that page was done by a fundamentalist Christian FOR other fundi Christians. Believe me, it's one of the more tolerant of this sect. A step in the right direction for pagans is to not freak out any time someone from a different religion tells their own people to steer clear. A hundred years ago or so, this person might be telling their followers to lock their kids up at Bedlam and starve out their demons. This is improvement.

Also, remember that fundi Christians are noisy. Non-Fundi Christians are starting to view Wiccans and other pagans as people in legitimate religions. Presby's, Episcopalians, some Methodists, and some Catholics - they still disagree, but if they didn't disagree, they would be Wiccans. Part of the work my wife and I do is to get Christians to open up, respect all non-Christian religions as valid religions (whether they agree with them or not), and LEARN from other religions. For this to happen, Wiccans also need to be careful to not be as closed-minded as Christians have been for the past thousand years. (I say 1000 b/c there was a time when Christians viewed magick as a good thing; strove to learn from indigenous religions - modern-day fundi Christians like to ignore this.)

Bedlam .... as in the show on BBC(America). Lol, is that an actual insane asylum?



'Bedlam' was the common name for Bethlehem Hospital. Like "Kleenex" its use is for any insane asylum from which one might expect not to return. Also for any gathering of people that is just chaotic, insane, unhealthy. People used to go poke sticks at the patients. Bedlam was intended to be so terrifying that it would 'scare you sane'.

Lol, that is funny. But kinda fucked up though. Love that show. Haven't missed an episode yet.



Okay, so we know them and thousands like them are out there, this is not new to me or any of us.  Most mainstream Christians would find them just as offensive and narrow minded as we do.  They are appealing to a particular mindset-their own, I have debated many like them in the past and in many cases have succeeded in getting them to throw their hands up in resignation that this poor, benighted soul is on his way to perdition and doesn't care about it.  Let's face facts we're not going to convince them that they are wrong. However they go well out of their way to convince us of the error of our ways.

lmao bind the enemy.....roflmao  no they dont realize because their misson is to save all souls through christ...which in my opinion and this is fact...they are twisting the words of the bible to fit their means of understanding.  they dont realize this is bad behavior because frankly...they where taught that what they are doing is good and pure....

binding the enemy...lmao....more like telling people they have no right to freedom of religious preference.

---sorry for the spelling im a bit drunk on wine----

happy samhain weekend

Does this mean that Wicca and Christianity are at spiritual war with each other?


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