CARM, Can you insult wiccans anymore then you do already?....

I was looking up wiccan stuff when I came across this stupid site. What pisses me off is how they are trying to to tell us "No Offense" when clearly they are intending to offend us....just look at this crap...


First of all this really pisses me off "What should i do if my child gets involved in wicca?

these people are like forcing Christianity onto their children

"First of all, you need to read the Bible and pray regularly. You need to realize that this is a spiritual battle and that there are demonic forces involved. You cannot expect to win a spiritual battle if you are not praying.

Second, for what should you pray? Pray for the binding of the enemy, for spiritual insight, for protection in your home, protection for your children, yourself, your finances, your automobiles, your health, etc. I do not say these things lightly.

Once I began researching Wicca in order to write and expose it on this web site, within a two-week period several things happened. I had a nightmare so unpleasant that I woke up and immediately knew it was tied to Wicca. "


Bullshit is written on this page:



then this "If you are wiccan, please read this"

"If you are a Wiccan, thank you for reading this article. We at CARM want you to understand that we do not hold animosity towards you.  We are not afraid of Wicca, of the spells or the incantations, have not been wronged by any Wiccans, and we do not believe that you purposefully worship Satan."

then they go off about how Christians who give bad behavior towards us are not true believers and blah blah they even realize that they are insulting us and that IS bad behavior????


I mean i don't hate Christians at all, I just dislike Christians who act like THAT ^ I mean what the heck.....what do you all think?

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Nema (Amen spelled backwards) to that, Twilight! :)
another christian take over type thread. great! lets get jesus to take shots.


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