How many of us enjoy change? I guess depends what it is.

Change however could be good, even if you see it as not, there can always be something positive.The Moon cycles, as Earth does,we have seasons. A lesson change comes to all.

We can resist change but somethings, you can only resist so long.


How do you handle change?

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I think the best way to handle change is being able to flow with it. Be able to adapt to a situation I think is the most important part. Very little comes to those who spend their time mourning for the past. For the few that can learn something from every experience I think that makes change easier to accept. Looking at life as lessons to be learned from.

Well said, and it is so true. I believe we are here to learn, grow, share in each cycle we go through in life

Well stated!

Change is inevitable, struggle is an option. 

I, for one, am pretty adaptable. Change is sometimes necessary and (in my opinion) it's best to just accept it and be a grown-up about it. Deal with it. Count your blessings and find a way to get on with things. 

Whether change is 'good' or 'bad' is relative and is in the eyes of the beholder. I usually try to see the good in change. When change is good, I try to relate to others who may not feel the same way about it. I'm a thinker. 

Change has to be treated fairly. Being objective about it is beneficial.  

Also well said and true:)

Glad I could contribute! :)

Amazing wiht age  many times comes wisdom. Yes it is

Oooh! I so used to hate change! Detested it, even the thought of it!

Now I quite like it, I look at it as an adventure and, well..., 'change'! Prefer it when its my choice but truly believe all clouds have a silver lining... 

Little change like during the day I could handle.

But a big change at once I have more problem dealing with.

My reaction towards it is that I put it aside and think of it as a later to deal with business.

Wich will not be dealt with because I push it forward so much it lands up being forgotten and the change will not have happened.

I really hate big changes. Sometimes things are too out of proporions in change of me I just dont go along.

So I guess deep deep inside of me there is something that hates it.

I love change. I embrace it, cause it even. Routine, same ole same ole, is my I have got to keep this life interesting!

By the way, seeing change as bad, is perception only in my opinion. If you choose not to see it as bad, then it isn't. I choose to see change as just different, which is good in any form in my opinion.

I've changed so many times over the centuries, I don't even know who I was most of the time. The way I've found to handle it that's most effective is to make new friends carefully and keep my currencies in safety deposit boxes.

Pretty much.


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