How many of us enjoy change? I guess depends what it is.

Change however could be good, even if you see it as not, there can always be something positive.The Moon cycles, as Earth does,we have seasons. A lesson change comes to all.

We can resist change but somethings, you can only resist so long.


How do you handle change?

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Oh, yes...great examples. LOL.  But true... You're still with the flow though aren't you.

It all depends upon what type of change.
You get a new job, life changes, but you can roll with it.
Lose a child and your life changes, not for the better and you have to adapt.
I have had to endure life without my precious daughter for one year, one month and 18 days. Not a change I had expected or wanted. I don't understand why but I have to accept and adapt.

Relish,enjoy,embrace it when I agree with it and want it.......piss and moan if its forced on me or I see no reason or benefit.....

LMAOS heheheheh sounds like me Lass LOL

Love it, hate it, but would dry up like a prune without it.  It's an adventure...worth going through those planned changes and those unplanned.  We've had drastic change this Summer and shifting to be the older generation in the family is an interesting and sobering change.

i love change.  how do i handle it? ... lots of times i jump right into and deal with the wake latter on... other times i feel like some people around me are digging their heals in and i am pulling them to jump into change with me and then i get frustrated. my marriage has been a very great relationship to teach me about the ebbs and flows of change.   i think change is good.  i have also thanks to some close friends and my husband learned to embrace regular patterns and see them as blessings for regularity can be a a great opportunity to settle and get to work on the next big changes. 



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