It seems to me that Chaos Magic (CM) & Eclectic Magic (EM) are essentially the same practice. Both practice paradigm shifting in the sense that they don't stick to one pantheon and freely switch between different ones at will.

What differentiates the two forms of magic from one another?

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I have a book i have not read yet because i have been pressed for time that deals with choas magic. I really need to read up on this practice
hmmm interesting question, i'm glad you asked, because i don't actually know either. all i can say for sure is that i count myself as eclectic in general practice and belief.
I see the difference in intent. Chaos magicians spread a wide net then wait for a bite, eclectic magicians simply use whatever means they feel appropriate to manifest what they will. It seems to be a difference of active versus reactive magick to me, but that's just MY perceptions. To me, there's a HUGE difference...but to each his own.
An eclectic approach is taking whatever you fancy/feel comfortable with/believe in from any system and creating your own unique system to work with, whereas chaos magic is taking on the beliefs of any given system entirely for the time you perform the ritual or whatever you're doing.
Hi..., how ya don' ?
(EM)magic is experimental magic. There is still a base or semblance of order and may haps rules of procedure
(CM) magic naturaly stears away from any semblance of order or set rules in favour of attaining (hopefully) a desired
or certain result.

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"A simple wizard, humble like the dust".
@ lq -- haha, nice! Don't think I would've caught that on my own. lol
@ CelticShamangirl -- your first link doesn't work. But I think I found the site you were pointing too when I did a google search.
It seems you forgot the 'a'.

From the two sources I've read (that being CSG's link and a yahoo answers question), it seems that eclectic magicians will use whatever pre-established rituals they choose from whatever tradition they choose, whereas chaos magicians are, to borrow a phrase from the Yahoo answers page, ecelctics-on-steroids. They will accept some part of a ritual and yet reject another part of the same ritual and replace it with something they prefer. (e.g. keeping the drawing of the pentagrams in the LBRP but rejecting the invocation of the archangels). Or they will create a brand new ritual all their own. Chaos magi are the eclectics of eclectic magicians, it seems?

"Nothing is True. Everything is permitted." Whereas eclectics will have certain basic assumptions (such as the existence of chakras and such), it seem chaos magicians take those concepts to be nothing more than tricks of the mind in order to obtain gnosis.

Am I on the right track or have I missed something?
By what I notice, these definitions are (once again) a distorted view, as it usually happens with the "westernized New Age variant".

The main difference between chaos magic and eclectic magic is the intent. Chaos magic has this very intent: to bring chaos. It is not in the means of doing it, but in the intent.
I think the only difference between the two might be in their flexibility. I get the impression that Chaotes are willing to switch paths and methodology at any moment for any reason (I find that refreshing, no matter how wishy-washy it sounds... it's a truely honest path where you can dispose of something that isn't working unceremoniously and are open to anything that might work)

Eclectics on the other hand, might be less flexible as time goes on... they might spend years developing their own system based on a wide variety of influences, but once they find what works for them, they tend to stick with it and declair that THEIR path. (I say that as an eclectic myself)
They become attached to a certain methodology and prefer not to bounce about, believing stability and order are important to the outcome of their work and the strength of their magick, whereas choates have little interest in either stability or order. Eclectics may add and drop things as they go on, but overall, I think the goal is more to develop a path that works for them more than to try everything under the sun to see if it gets results.
In my personal experience, Chaos Magicians tend to be more Detail oriented. A bit perfectionist. Eclectics, like me, will work with whatever they have, wherever or whenever a need arises.
Odd, my perception of the two paths is the opposite. It's the eclectics that are detail oriented and the chaotes who will work with whatever whenever.


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