I have someone who is a liar to his new gf and sleeping with his ex still. Is there a spell or way for her to see the truth in this situation, I know his ex has done everything in her power to try to talk and tell the other girl, but still trying to find a way to let her know.

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how about the ex  maybe STOP FUCKING SOMEONE ELSE'S MAN? yeah i dig he WAS yours, NOW he isn't!  send  him n his dick home to his new squeeze.  jesus how hard can being a decent  human being be?

how effin hard would it be for the EX squeeze to go up to the new squeeze n say "yeah i been fucking him , so you  need to know this".

Well, if the ex has informed the other gal then maybe she's ok with it. Or she's in denial. Regardless I, personally, would stay out of it as it sounds like a mess and I wouldn't wanna get dragged into it.

I agree with Wilhelm Douai that a MYOB spell is the best choice.  I don't see any moral problem enjoying plenty of sex, but lying and dishonesty s not good.   Its not your probem so don't start a fight.

Okay here's the thing: there's multiple possibilities here, each of which would require a different course of action so you need information. Confront her directly and tell her straight out what you know and how you know it.  If you can point to a text message or a facebook post as evidence that's even better.  

1) the girlfriend is just that oblivious/gullible.  She doesn't notice the weird stuff her boyfriend does to cover the fact that he's cheating. This might call for some sort of reveal spell.  

2) she does notice, but doesn't know what to do about it. This probably calls for more mundane sorts of action: have a talk with your friend and figure out what the best course of action is.  

3) she does notice and doesn't care.  You don't need to do anything here, just let her live her life the way she wants.  

4) her boyfriend is manipulating her into believing that she is wrongly jealous of him.  You probably want a banishing or keep-out spell here, or else a spell to help your friend have the courage to dump the scumbag.  

All of the magickal advice above assumes that your friend is willing to have magick cast on/around her.  Especially since for many of the spell types she'll likely need to participate in the casting ritual since it will be her intentions that will drive the spell.  If she's not willing then more mundane but equally effective solutions are available for all of the above situations. 

i really  like what you said and  how you said  it.  well thought  out and reasonable. 

tell her cheating signs

1. He's secretive. Guys who cheat often lead double lives, and in order to do so, they have to cover their tracks. A guy who is secretive and doesn't reveal much about himself or his life is a guy who is a prime candidate to be featured on an upcoming episode of "Cheaters."

Communication and the willingness to be an open book are two of the most important indicators of a happy and successful relationship. And if a guy is keeping secrets in the beginning, look out because you are headed for trouble.

2. He's selfish and self-indulgent. Guys who cheat do so because they are only focused on one thing -- themselves. The good news is that guys like these are easy to spot. Guys who are selfish and self-indulgent tend to be like that in all aspects of their lives. If you want to get a good gauge of the moral character and integrity of the man you are dating, look at the way he lives his life and the way he treats others. If you start noticing that he is only out for himself, and he obviously doesn’t care about others (including you) aside from what they can do for him, there is only one thing you should do -- run!

3. He has a sudden change in behavior. Cheating guys will suddenly change their behavior, and in numerous ways. He might make a sudden change in his appearance or grooming habits, or it could be a sudden change in his work schedule where all of a sudden he's working late, has to travel and can't be reached. But the most common sign is when your sex life decreases, and he shows less of an interest in you in the bedroom.

you can not win by telling others your self learn a different way to communicate

lot on cheating signs to learn


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