I was just wondering if there are any other people that hold any kind of Christian beliefs. I know I am not the only one on this planet but even with the pagan church I go to I haven't met anyone. :)

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HOW do you value them?

Firstly let me make clear that I do not follow the Bible. But I believe that Jesus was real, and that he taught many great things to people, such as loving others, and not judging people. I have morals and ethics, which I am sure that any good person can hold, they certainly don't need to be Christian to hold them. But I never said I was Christian, just spiritual. 

I wouldnt worry about such questions. Even mainstream christians disagree as to who or what is a christian. As long as a person lives in accordance with the teachings of Jesus they are christians, no matter what denomination they belong to. Jesus was not offended when people cast out spirits in his name even though it upset his disciples, so I am sure that if a person is doing good magic in his name then he wouldn't have a problem with that either.

Thats a great point..I'd just say magick.......

I consider myself Catholic Pagan =)


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