Christians ignorant of other religions call them Satanic

2000 years and very little change in the mentality of some Christians.

This man's art was depicting Dionysus.  He used him as a metaphor for his fight against alcoholism.

The man's art was good enough to be posted in a public square.

Complaints by people who didn't know who Dionysus was and that he looked "Satanic" and thus was not suitable for public viewing made the city take the painting down.  At least one man in the article prefers to stay ignorant as far as ancient Greek religion is concerned and use his ignorance as religious leverage.

Mind you, had anyone painted a Jesus on the cross in their artwork, no one would have complained.

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Morality is just a stick in the mud. This is a contrived term that was invented and commonly misused in order to illustrate a point of extremes; that humans are animals that need to be tamed, by religion. And the only way to accomplish this is with religion.

It doesn't take a genius to understand the shortcomings of this.

You can't teach a cow how to swim, because the cow already knows!

It's more of a common sense issue and education sometimes helps. History doesn't mean much to people who have either brainwashed themselves, or have been brainwashed by the moral authority. "Brainwashing" is what it is.

What the "left and right" have in common is that each thinks they own the moral highground, and they constantly compete for public opinion. They have different recipes, but it's the same bag of beans

I have to give cave people more credit than the christian religions are willing to yield. Turns out that their own clergy is unable to resist the temptations of the flesh, so they try to do that in secret. They can't escape the influence of that "serpent in paradise"

Religion is a tool designed to talk people out of being in touch with their natural carnal instincts. Emotion, sensuality, AS WELL as reasoning. This has driven many to the brink of psychological dysfunction, by instilling guilt and remorse under an authoritative moral complex. This is a Satanic premise, although, other pagan types may follow suit.

Maybe, maybe not.

The advantage moral authoritarians have is being able to institutionally get to people at the earlier stages of their lives, where the skull and brain tissue are a bit softer, with less storage space. It's a transhuman experience, just a different make, model, and serial number.

A good characteristic of a liar is one who is adept at mixing truth with fiction, such as politicians, activists, preachers, philosophers, and criminals, on the short list.

Another example I just ran into on a story about a kid who lost half a leg several fingers, has screws and plates in his wrists and elbows and lost his eye sight after blowing up a bundle of sparklers one July 4th, the accident happened when a puff of wind blew his flame onti the bundle prematurely.

This woman gives all the credit to "god" for healing her kid and the other one, claiming he walked beside them!

She gave NO credit at all to the DOCTORS and NURSES, Paramedics and rescue, and medicine which actually saved the kid!

As usual this god is a dollar short and a day late but lets give him all the credit for "healing" them part way AFTER the oreventable injuries! Part way because the kid wont see again and he's missing a leg and fingers.

Lisa XXXXX  Yes, it has been rough!. My son and Rowdy are best friends. He was with him when it happened. He has healed very well. His injuries were not as severe as Rowdy's. He had eye surgery and several burn areas. God blessed them with wonderful healing. All prayers were heard from everyone. Thank you to all who cared and sent prayers. Lessons were learned by all. I explained to the boys that this may be a way for them to speak out about the dangers of misusing fireworks and also about God and how he was beside them through this whole ordeal. Carried them most of the way. God is good!

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