It's that time of year again, the time when I can't shop or even go for a walk without hideous music of the most meretricious kind assaulting my ears.  I do not mind seeing Christmas crap all over the place, but who really and truly wants to hear another version of "Frosty and Snowman"?  I heard it three times in one afternoon and caught myself singing it at the laundromat.  They got me singing "Frosty the Snowman"!  It's insidious, all these Christmas ear-worms.  Why, in the name of all the gods, did the Glee kids do a version of that stupid Wham Christmas song?  And why does anyone play that Paul McCartney Christmas song, the one that goes "SIM-PLY-HAV-ING-A-WON-DER-FUL Christmas time".  Look kids, Daddy got a synthesizer for Christmas!  Sir Paul wrote that song under the influence of a malign demon who wanted to drive mall employees to workplace violence.  You cannot convince me otherwise.

As you see, this is a rant.  I just wanted to get my frustrations out.

Bright Blessings all, and may your never hear "I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Clause" ever again.

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I'm not fond of Christmas tunes either!  In fact, I don't know too many who are. If they only played one every so often, it would be tolerable, but everywhere you go!...

It's ridiculous that Christmas seems to start in September and gets progressively worse.  I went in to the neighborhood dollar store about 4 days before Halloween to get some pumpkin carving patterns.  In the two aisles devoted to seasonal/holiday merchandise, there were two sections with Halloween stuff, 1 with Thanksgiving; and all the rest of the two aisles were already Christmas items!

Just realizing I bumped a year old thread...priceless.

Any stimulation the economy gets benefits lots of us.....I love the music from all the seasons,right now tuning up on the bagpipes for St Paddys day....It isalmost March

Sou you're a self admitted idiot?  At least, according to the logic above.

LOL,the comment wasnt logical to me.....was it to you? Shit We have from Perry Como to Celtic XMAS rock going the day after TDAY and I love to get a good shopping bargain,so logically to me,I'm A smart cookie

There is some logic at work there, yes.  Essentially, he's saying that constantly playing holiday tunes is a way to get people in the mind set.  Once they are in the mindset of "Oh!  It's Holiday Season!"  It stimulates them to go shopping, spend money, and stimulate the 'economy'.  What effects do you think it would have if people just acknowledged the holiday, but didn't spend a dime on seasonal goods during the season?

Its a tried and true method that it DOES get people spending....and as a retailer,that is good for business..It doesnt make anyone an idiot,however. Some people actually enjoy that time of year for just that,the music,the shopping because "It is the Holiday Season".

I think he has a right to consider people who shop because he feels they are programmed to, as an idiot.

I think we are all capable of idiocies. 


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