On one hand I would never take advice from anybody other than a doctor on medical matter and being quite cynical I wouldn't believe anybody who made such outlandish promised but on the other hand I have witnessed magic do incredible things but then I have seen modern medicine work 'miracles' too. 


I believe that in some cases its better to put your faith into your doctor than your priest and believe in your drug regime and pray for your prescription to work.


The Churches should definitely be held legally accountable for all negative consequences that arise from their ridiculous advice to these people and anyone who they may infected due to the whole start a family advice but these people need to hold themselves accountable too they should have continued to get regular checkups  and tests with their physicians even if they believed they were healed.

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Ye gods.  The church should be sued out of existence, but yeah, the patients must be so desperate to be cured that they're willing to listen to anyone who will tell them what they want to hear rather than the truth.  Even so, they shoulder plenty of blame for their situation.  They basically ignored their doctors and all the facts in favor of a fantasy.  That one guy basically infected his boyfriend and all he can say is "I feel guilty"?!?!  In this country he could be charged and tried for some degree of reckless endangerment or if he dies, manslaughter.

Hmmm, there are some unfair laws against people with HIV. If the newly infected partner was previously aware of his partner's status (which i would hope he would be before engaging in unprotected sex) should he still be charged with reckless endangerment?

The church telling patients to quit their medications is dangerous advice!

In case you didn't know this it's well within the realm of possibility for someone with HIV to start a family without infecting their partner or child.

I was aware of the possibility of someone with HIV starting a family without passing on the virus but thought that it wasn't recommended for people with a high viral load and since these people aren't being monitored by doctors or taking their meds it would seem reasonable to assume that they may have a higher viral load when conceiving and therefore could pass the virus on to their partner and the fetus. I'm assuming that their preachers didn't go into any advice about any safe techniques for them to use to procreate considering that they were wrongly told that they had been cured therefore the risk of infecting others wouldn't come up.



I'm not 100% sure how that works. I just know magnetic hetrosexual couples (one whose positive and one who is negative) that are getting pregnant and having negative babies. You could be right and I'm not an HIV specialist.

    Just as all people who profess faith healing regardless of their faiths.  My question has always been why would a deity need a conduit?  If it wanted to heal someone that person would be healed.

"Faith doesn't put potatoes on the table. work does."

That's a quote from an Irish nun.

  In ancient Egypt, the Egyptian doctors recorded three kinds of ailment, those that could be cured by medicine, those that might be cured by magick and prayer, and those that could not be cured at all.

That's interesting.

this is some messed up advice. What the church is doing is wrong and totally unaccountable. they should be charged for their actions indeed. makes me sick hearing about they did to that patient.

I hear you on the personal accountability side those people chose to delude themselves into thinking they where cured but the church is a wider threat because the HIV sufferers potentially spread the disease because they felt cured and were encouraged to procreate i.e. have unprotected sex.


The people that stopped taking the meds and have died or will die because of it made an informed choice they knew that the were sick and that they had been provided meds to manage their illness and they chose to take the words of their church over their doctors which is all well and good they have that right, the church encourage them to have unprotected sex to procreate whist not ensuring that they advised their sexual partners that they had been diagnosed HIV positive in the past which meant that the sexual partners didn't get all info on the risks involved, I think that the church has a culpability in any infection passed on.

Everything resulting from their poor decision making is entirely their fault

 The church made a poor decision to advise people on medical issues so there is blame to go around here, I personally hope that criminal charges come about. 




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