Clairvoyants and establishing first commucation with a spirit

Im a  group chat on FB and one of the members there committed sucide  and the two tht they lived with are not doing well at all. I wish to estalbish commuciaton with the spirit. Even though we were not close. I want to do this to at least ease some of the stress on the mind of my freinds.  I am pretty sure that I am Clairvoyant. So please any help doin gthis will be appricated. My goal is to be able to do this by the Blood Moon when it will be eaiser to commune with teh spirit world. 

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For me the easiest way is to use a photograph of the deceased person---choose one that will allow you to look into the person's eyes. Even without establishing a telepathic communication with the deceased you may be able to "read" his or her eyes and obtain a message. Full telepathy comes easy to me. I don't hear a voice as though with my ears, but listen to a thought in my mind. I can tell if the thought is masculine or feminine and I can feel what kind of personality it has. Although I listen to many thoughts, I can immediately tell whose thought it is. It is like hearing a voice on the phone---I can usually tell who it is without any trouble if I am acquainted with the person.

Communication is possible without a photograph, but it still helps in that case to focus on the physical appearance of the person if you are aware of it. Another way to initiate the contact would be to read the person's Facebook posts---if you knew the deceased only as a Facebook friend or group member that may be the only connection you have. Read a Facebook post and keep your mind still and receptive for a few minutes. If you can read something that the deceased wrote and "hear" it as though he or she were reading it to you, you have the basis for a contact.

The Blood Moon may help you but except for that the sooner you can establish a contact the easier it will be. It is easiest in the hours immediately after death.

And its been a couple weeks... they passed in December. Still I will stop at nothing to do this. Thank you. Thank you so much )) 

Okay. it was just rquested to me by the lover to the decesed to show the decesed flowers. Not sure if that will work with this partuclar connection If it will please do let me know. 

"I am pretty sure that I am Clairvoyant."

Collapsing of the body and the mind, which can initiate clairvoyant or telepathic hypersensitivity, by depriving the body and mind of outside stimulus is very helpful. The ether is invisible to the naked eye but perceptible to highly developed clairvoyant power. In the clairvoyant state a person can see more from a higher vantage point in the fourth dimension – to peek inside closed boxes, for instance. Clairvoyants are endowed with greater perceptual powers and can see what others cannot. If you are not sure of your clairvoyance abilities, the odds are you are not clairvoyant. You can develop clairvoyant abilities.

You might also want to be ready to deal with the WHY of why the person committed suicide.  The spirit is unlikely to be pleasant and ready for a chat.

I'm curious. Did you succeed on what you was looking for before the Blood Moon?


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