My bedroom seems to have some sort of negativity in it. I get dizzy and get headaches reguarly. Also, the insects I buy for my pets tend to die within days no matter how carefully I look after them, even though they live when I look after them on holiday. My pets often refuse to eat, and my pot plants struggle to survive. 

I’ve checked for carbon monoxide, and tried to dowse for the issue, but haven’t found anything. Anyone have any ideas for figuring out the issue?

P.s. I can’t do smudging or burn anything due to my pets being two snakes, a dog, and a gecko

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Put some citrine crystals in your room.

Check for radon or natural gas leaking.  Natural gas leak symptoms are normally headaches and dizziness.  Air out the room frequently.

Plants that struggle is usually because of a lack of Light - and animals that shoose to not eat are sort of slipping into a hibernation state.

The room lacks natural light - a penetration of Sunlight....which can also open the way for Malevolent creatures to slip in - especially during the Winter periods.

Consider changing the light-bulbs with 'Daylight' versions...they have a certain glow that aids the plants, physical senses, animals etc.

To check if there is any kinda of influencing Energy - place a knife in a glass of Spring Water - preferably from a moving stream - defiantly NOT tap/city water...or a still Well.
Place the glass under the bed - if possible - if not then to the darkest corner of the room....
Take some Sea Salt and that into the glass and slowly stir it with the Knife.....good time to do it now whilst still under the Moon Energy....

Stir it Clockwise - then stop - count to 10 and then stir it anticlockwise - count to 9 - stop and so forth...till you have reduced the count to One...then firmly state - 

"By this Old Moon, I have counted Down slow,

Each Turn I make - commands the Malevolent to go,
Leave my room, there is no staying,

Leave my place, there is no playing,

I take this knife and shake its dew,

This last Act clears the room of Darkest You..."

Shake the droplets all into darkened, doors, etc....

Then place the knife back into the glass, leave the glass overnight, and remove it in the bright following day....throwing it well outside the boundaries of your home - NOT down a sink or toilet etc....


aka Lise

Stone Dragon Valley

Thanks for the advice. Enigma, I’ll definately do that, citrine sounds like a good choice. 

Aurelia, checked for all the normal causes like gasses, so now I’m on more spiritual methods. 

Light22, thanks so much for your reply, that’s tonnes of good info. I’ll definately try getting some more sun- and moonlight into my room. I’ve get very small windows, so the sun lamp is a great idea :)

I was reading about spiritual practices in rural Chine last night. This ritualist was performing a house cleaning ceremony for a client. The client had recently had a pet dog die and the soul of the dog was causing health problems and general negative effects for the owner. It was a very thorough and interesting ritual.

Did you have a pet die before your other problems started?

Actually, yes; my dog died a year ago from a heart murmur. I didn’t even think of that. Thanks, I’ll look into it for sure. Any other info on how to check for that?

The first step is to use divination to determine if the dog’s soul is the source of your problems.

You can cleanse a space with sound or with salt water. It doesn't always have to be smoke. 

Is there a lot of motor vechile traffic?

Do you have gas heat?


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