Does it seem that most people have some really strange ideas about what color is and how that effects, affects, or changes what magick is and can do?


Black Magic - Is done at night.

Light Magic - Happens after lighting the candle.

Green Magic - Best added to a salad for extra fiber.

Blue magic - in the rain.

Cold magic - in the snow.

Hot magic - in the tropics.


Seriously, color of magic has exactly nothing to do with the purpose of the working.  When color is discussed, it is a nuance of how the energy was conducted and very minor changes in the anticipated results.  As a participant on the path of magick you are an energy worker, you are all energy workers.  That is all, energy exists, use it.



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Hi, what you said is true to a degree. Wichcraft is all about how things are arranged and how the invoked energies effect that arrangement. Ceremonial Magick is about the creation of a force that will effect those things. One is the cook and the other the chef! Witchcraft operates in the world of ordianary experience with the help of the God or Goddess. Even though witchcraft can and does make use of higher forces I don't be believe that it is their primary as would be the case with cereimonial Magick. The use of god forms would be an example of this, the magician takes on the form of Pan on the astral plane and threw identicifacaton becomes one with that God and becomes an incarnation of that God. As when the believer gives their life to Jesus and becomes one with that god, and therefore able to use that force ie forgiveness and everlasting life good for some and not for others. Peace!
What about double rainbows?
Much of contemporary literature gives a lot of credence towards colors.  And while I don't deny the energy some colors can give, I don't think it's necessary.  In modern readings, you need candles in every color of the world to do spellwork.  But when I think back to ancient times, their tallow or beeswax candles worked just as well, without any special colors.


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