Complaining About Living In The United States Of America........

I'm on alot of discussion and I noticed today on several,quite a few folks,are simply just complaing and dissing America out. YOU absolutly have that right,but i'm wondering WHY still live here then? There are many countries world wide that welcome Americans. Did you know you can live in the Domican Republic (In a nice condo) for $40,000 a year? You can! IRELAND loves Americans and Zihuataneyo,Mexico is looking for American teachers,starting at the $35,000 US a year,you,I,I travel and check into this stiuff alot. we have been thinkng of moving to Florida or the US Virgin Islands for awhile. For ALL of you pissing and moaning so much about America,do you think other countries give you more freedom,.economic worth,standard of living? Have you SEEN any other couintrues? So why if you obviously HATE it so much here,the government,the laws,the military,are you still here? FRANKLY,I love America,from military family and the freedoms still here. It is NOT perfect,but where do you think that it is? Why stay?

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I once worked for this Indian man who owned a subway, he always bitched and moaned about how much he hated it here. How much he hated his wife and kid and how we wanted to go back to India.

He was so mean and rude to all the customers, he once had a huge argument with a customer because she asked me to warm up her sub by placing it in the microwave for five sec. I said yes and did it but he saw me and told the woman that we would have to throw it away because she couldn't do that (no reason behind this answer btw... I guess he just felt like being an a-hole).
They had a huge screaming match right there in the building during a lunch time rush. After the rush I told him as professionally as I could that I didn't see what the problem was and that he will loose customers over that incident, he told me I was stupid and didn't know I was talking about then proceeded to dis America over and over again.

I eventually got so pissed over his hate for people and the country that he had a successful business in that I blew a fuse, cussed him out, threw my apron at him, told him to move back to his precious India and get the f out of our country, then walked out.

I don't know what happened but I do know (from other employees) that he was shocked because no body had ever spoken to him like that.... which is hard to imagine.

So moral of the story, if you don't like America, you don't have to live here.
NO fucking shit! THE worse complainers are the foreigners that all they do is bitch as they are raking in the American dollars and have benefited by being able to have a buisiness....GOOD for YOU! Why is it too,that ILLEGAL ALIENS get benefits.?? My Mom was an alien. She became a citizen.
Ahh yes... because thats what happens when someone runs a small business.. they rake in the money.

This is exactly the same attitude here and why it is the small business owners who get the shaft when it comes to taxes. Clearly if I own and run a small business, I must be rich!

Far far from the truth... we work more hours for less pay to insure our business runs. Its the only way to make sure it works, especially in the beginning.

As for the Indian guy.. he simply sounds like an asshole.

What do you people expect? Immigrants to fall over themselves in gratitude for the pleasure of living there? They followed the rules, they paid the *enormous* amount of money to get in, stood in line for a ridiculous amount of hours only to talk to someone who most likely doesn't know what they are doing fully, filled out paperwork that practically requires a Phd and live under the constant shadow that at any moment, the messed up system that is American Immigration can yank everything out from under them for no reason what so ever. They have just as much right to complain as you do.

Im am immigrant. I could go on for a long while on why Sweden sucks, especially if Im in a shitty mood. That doesnt mean I should get the hell out. I followed the rules to get here. And Im sure as hell not going to let someone and their elitist attitude tell me what I should or should not talk/comment/complain about.
Until any of you are in that sort of position, you should really think twice about some dismissive 'then just get out'.. more than likely that immigrant has a much better perspective than you. they are just exercising their American Freedom to bitch loudly from the armchair - such patriots!
DONALD TRUMP and i would like Clark Howard,the financial advisor as his VEEP
As someone who spent most of her life outside of America, when I got back to the states I hated it here. I hated the people, I hated the culture, I hated the television, etc. I wanted to get my butt back to Europe as soon as I was able to. Over time that has changed, though in my heart Germany is still my "home".

I have a great love amount of love for this country, it's ideals, and a lot of the people I've met here. I also have a lot of issues with how things are run here, but I have issues with how things are run in every country. The difference is that I "complain" about the issues in this country because this is where I'm choosing to live until I retire. Why? Because of the love I feel for this country, even if it does not feel like my "home".

Personally, I don't think telling those who "complain" to just leave makes much sense. That makes just as much sense to me as being told to go back to Africa. Just doesn't hold up. Instead, I propose objectively listening to what people are "complaining" about and seeing if there indeed is a real issue there. I propose critical thinking skills and team work to solve a problem that one person has not found the solution to ('cause if they had found a solution, they wouldn't be complaining, haha). Problems are not known until they are heard.

I do feel that the government has been stepping on our toes and I have attempted to make my voice heard about those actions that I did not agree about. You do not need to be able to vote to contact your state representative. A minor's letter is received just like those of an adult's. Have I gotten any personalized responses, promises (empty or not), or seen any action taken because of my actions? No. But I like to think that once the voices of others are heard too our outcry will be deafening and those "in control" will have to listen. *shrug* Naive? Definitely, but I know that.
I stay in the US because it is where I was born and have always lived. Not because it is better than any other country in the world. Everyone I know and love is here and I would rather live wherever they are. If my daughter decided to move to another country I would probably consider moving with her. Also, this is the culture I am used to and I acknowledge that it is my conditioning that makes me want to stay, not some kind of superiority. We all have to live somewhere, and I think the majority of people in the world probably end up staying in the country of their birth. I have a right to complain about anything other people do that has an effect on me, whether I am able to do anything about it or not. Though if there is nothing I can do about a problem, complaining is futile.
"I want the federal government of THIS country to stop taking the freedoms I served to protect from the PEOPLE I served to protect. if they won't, then fuck them, they DESERVE to be ousted."

I am so glad to hear you say it is the people you served to protect and not the government itself. It is nice to know there are veterans like you in this country. Thank you.
WELL,gee DOC M ,you now I am very versatile......FRANKLY,I'm so tired of hearing the pissing,moaning and bitching about America,while people are living here and enjoying the benefits. NO WAY is it perfect,but no country is. Complaining with the hope of wanting it to get better and fix it is one thing,complaning and saying .,as an American citizen you hate this country,that pisses me off. Then get the hell out or stand up and work on righting it. YOU DOC M,understand this as a VET,as one who served,one who coukd have died for America,one who gave their time,aye,DOC M,YOU complain all you want,but i know you are wanting and trying to make it better at the same time. THAT,my wilde and dynamic friend is the difference between you and just the naysayers. I am not against a fine rebellion or Patriots,if that woulod be the answer. Do you see?
HUGS! AND thank you for your service!!! Its good to be FEISTY,my friend......
Well spoken indeed Celtic Lass :)

Now then onto the topic of this youngster on here who is talking big words. What was his name? Justin Measels? All right well then it appears as I have read over his statements that we have an issue here. This message goes out to you sir so please try to read carefully. If you're going to be so blatantly in disgust with our politics and how the show is run do something. No one is asking you to suddenly become an activist or anything of that nature but dammit VOTE! Voting was placed in our system for a reason so that everyone is heard no matter what you may have been led to think.

If it weren't for voting a lot of our freedoms and luxuries wouldn't even be available for us. Do you even realize how stupid you sound right? It is attitudes like this that cause the apathetic and otherwise uninterested activity in our government. We don't need people sitting on their asses, bitching about what cannot be, when they haven't even stepped out the door to try and see what COULD be if they put some effort into it. We are not asking the impossible here we are simply stating a fact that is tried and true.

I don't even see why people feel the need to complain if they aren't going to proactive. Simply put this is ridiculous and it makes me sad a young man his age would be so apathetic. It's things like this that give America a bad name.
At 25 years of age, I don't feel like, nor do I consider myself a youngster. What is with all the assumptions being made in this discussion? Because I was venting in this thread, it is assumed that that is as far as my involvement goes? Did I say I do not vote? The reason I went on a rampage is because of these stupid assumptions. I am not apathetic in regards to the gov't stepping on our rights, I am apathetic in regards to how asshats on the internet think of me. I came into this discussion because I felt Lass' original post was ignorant, not Lass herself, specifically the "love it or leave it" mentality. I was angry at the idea that if you are going to complain you MUST provide a solution and proof that you have done something to combat whatever one is complaining about. I was really shocked at the idea that someone here actually said he feels I do not even have the RIGHT to complain.


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