Complaining About Living In The United States Of America........

I'm on alot of discussion and I noticed today on several,quite a few folks,are simply just complaing and dissing America out. YOU absolutly have that right,but i'm wondering WHY still live here then? There are many countries world wide that welcome Americans. Did you know you can live in the Domican Republic (In a nice condo) for $40,000 a year? You can! IRELAND loves Americans and Zihuataneyo,Mexico is looking for American teachers,starting at the $35,000 US a year,you,I,I travel and check into this stiuff alot. we have been thinkng of moving to Florida or the US Virgin Islands for awhile. For ALL of you pissing and moaning so much about America,do you think other countries give you more freedom,.economic worth,standard of living? Have you SEEN any other couintrues? So why if you obviously HATE it so much here,the government,the laws,the military,are you still here? FRANKLY,I love America,from military family and the freedoms still here. It is NOT perfect,but where do you think that it is? Why stay?

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Everything. But its very much a meat and potatoes place. At least the traditional food... it's all very bland. Thats why you can find just about anything here food wise. Except good Tex Mex..

No, he never did get the citizenship. He said he couldnt honestly pledge allegiance to the flag.
I live by the Yorktown battlefield and Williamsburg,every dayi t is the reanactment of the Colonial fight for patriotism and how it came about.....I live in a very "LOYAL" to America area,plus all the military bases and military folk around.....
Yes, you are right. They certainly did try the civilized route first! I guess I was referring more to the end of it all. As, much like today, the letters and signs didn't seem to do much.

Hope you had good sauce!
Thanks for sharing this . . . very insightful. I've dreamed of leaving this country -- so I appreciate hearing about someone who's made it work.
Aww.. thank you Sat :D

You are very right though... education is the key.
I like how it is seen as an investment in society here.
Woooow, from texas to Sweden? Hardcore culture shock. You get props for that move. :D
Sometimes I get asked how many guns I own :D
Nah... but I did have a sword :D

One night I had it in the car for whatever reason.. and I got pulled over. I could have died of embarrassment.. the cop saw it and sternly asked me what it was and that he needed to take a look at it. I said sure, no problem.. blah blah I'm all innocent blah blah.

He totally struck a samurai pose on the side of the highway!
Texas cracks me up.
THAT'S funny!! We have the claymores too....and other various weapons. We got in a rear ender once coming back from a Pirates fest,with kilts,leathers,swords and all,caused lots of rubber necking.....HOW is the roads and transportation in Sweden? Is it easy to travel from country to coutry,once you are there?
??? PLEASE explain and tell us more,the how,why and what youre getting a kick out of.......Many of us would love to hear your first hand experience of living in another country outside of America......pros,cons,similarities,differences,reasons why you moved,ect.......
ya, i dont understand why people piss and moan about the state of affairs in our country but do nothing to change it. (its a pet peeve) Half the time i just think people are looking for something to complain about. -shrugs- Yes there are injustices in the world. But guess what people. There are injustices ALL OVER the world. Moreover, i seem to see a trend happening where people seem content to blame all of their problems on the government. The people who live next to me drive a rollsroyce, wear fashionable clothes, and yet they bitch and moan when their welfare checks are late and do nothing but sit on their asses and smoke cigarettes all day. is it right? no. But do i complain about it on a regular basis? No. Its something that just is. They have the right to live their lives the way they want to. But i also have the right to stand up and try to change it if i chose to. The government isnt out to get us folks. And other countries, as Celticlass said are perfectly accepting of Americans. I found that to be true when i travelled abroad.
I wasnt trying to imply that no counrties out there hate us. I was trying to imply that not all of them do. Maybe i worded it wrong. *looks back* ya i did. Sorry for the confusion. :)


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