Complaining About Living In The United States Of America........

I'm on alot of discussion and I noticed today on several,quite a few folks,are simply just complaing and dissing America out. YOU absolutly have that right,but i'm wondering WHY still live here then? There are many countries world wide that welcome Americans. Did you know you can live in the Domican Republic (In a nice condo) for $40,000 a year? You can! IRELAND loves Americans and Zihuataneyo,Mexico is looking for American teachers,starting at the $35,000 US a year,you,I,I travel and check into this stiuff alot. we have been thinkng of moving to Florida or the US Virgin Islands for awhile. For ALL of you pissing and moaning so much about America,do you think other countries give you more freedom,.economic worth,standard of living? Have you SEEN any other couintrues? So why if you obviously HATE it so much here,the government,the laws,the military,are you still here? FRANKLY,I love America,from military family and the freedoms still here. It is NOT perfect,but where do you think that it is? Why stay?

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I don't hate this country. I hate what is happening. The politicial system we have is flawed. It is too easy for money to influence decisions. Meaning large corporations and wealthy individuals have more say in how the government is run than the middle class, working class, and poor. I'm not suggesting turning the nation toward socialism. However, I think one way to address some of the problems is to find a way for a more fair representation in government.

The WHite House recently suggested a three year freeze on federal employees pay. Most federal employees are middle class or working class. Think post office, VA, FBI, etc. I did not see any suggestion that the federal pay freeze include the federal government. If the leadership is asking us to take a hit to help the deficit, shouldn't they lead the way and do the same? And, yes. I wrote President Obama's contacts and my senator suggesting the same.

I've been around a long time. This country was great. It's declining. Personally, I think in order for us to become great again, we need to change our attitudes as a nation. There has to be a willingness to put the community ahead of self at times. For example: schools. People don't want to pay more taxes. I understand that. But, public education isn't "free." You have to pay the teachers, staff, building maintence, supplies, etc. That means taxes. Or the parents have to pay tuition... either way, the money has to come from somewhere. lol. I also think our education system needs reformed. PC aside, people's talents and intelligence vary. Instead of mainstreaming, kids need to be taught at their own speed and level.

I'm not sure where the answers are.
People don't want to pay more taxes. I understand that. But, public education isn't "free." You have to pay the teachers, staff, building maintence, supplies, etc. That means taxes.

Well, I really don't know much about the specifics of the tax budget but it seems enough is paid in taxes, it's just not being prioritized correctly. Too much money spent trying to fix other countries and trying to conquer the middle east.

Instead of mainstreaming, kids need to be taught at their own speed and level.

I agree completely, some learn slower, but some others learn faster. The slow ones can't keep up, the fast ones get bored. There's too much focus on "the test" and less on actual learning.
FERRETRUNNER.WE were just talking about this. In many countries kids are put into thyweir learning level at an early age,kept with their group as they progress through their schooling. It is inane to think we all learn on the same learning curve,isnt it? AND why is college and Univer. SO expensive??
I wish I knew. I think a large part of it is education for profit. Universities are out to make money. On the upside, not having a socialist (for lack of a better word) college supposedly means a more progressive education. I think it's influenced instead by corporations. If we were to have more government subsidies (student aid) for colleges, then we'd be looking either at higher taxes or higher deficit. Every change has intended and unintended consequences.

I'd like to see social security get solidified. People depend on this money for retirement.

A couple of years ago, I had a discussion with one of my uncles about taxes. In Scotland, they pay a large percentage of their income to taxes. But, they have health care and other benefits. Both of my uncles recently retired. THey have retirement pensions. Over here, I pay into social security. It may not even be there when I retire. And, the retirement age keeps going up. I also pay into my employer's retirement and two different TSPs. When I think about the amount I pay into these programs and I'm still not sure about my retirement future... Yet, if I was in Scotland, and paid into the taxes, I'd know at the very least I'd have food, a roof, and medical care. Yes, I lived in Scotland when I was younger- child. Would I live in Scotland now? I'm not sure. Cuturally, I am an American in many ways- I'm also a Scot in many ways. I think a main question would be how my education and license to practice would transfer to Scotland. Also, they have a lot more smoking. It's a silly reason not to live somewhere, unless you're allergic. =)

Good topic.
LOTS of outside areas that are clean and fresh on the other side of INVERNESS,too.aye,lots of smokers in SCOTLAND.....I'd have to spend time outdoors,myself!! lOL!
well i'm actually planning on moving to japan simply cause it's more nicer there and they have anime and are a lot more friendlier, but first i have to visit down there first . Not to mention i got to save lots of money and buy me a car and etc.

most people can't afford to travel or go to other countries now due to the economony and loss of jobs. But i'm not complaining about living in America. Rather i'm just taking as is and hey, the world is already falling apart anyways.

but once i save up a lot of money and once i learn more about the japanese cultures and etc, i'm totally moving to japan.
My husband was stationed in Japan for three years and really enjoyed living there,the culture,economy,people,but that was a time back. It looks beautiful.
I was stationed in Okinawa for three years. It was my first base -- a long time ago. I befriended an Okinawan woman my age and then her family kind of adopted me. The people were very friendly. And I immersed myself in the culture. I so enjoyed my time there. I went up to the mainland a few times on TDY, but most of my free time was exploring the Ryuku Islands. If you want to eat steak, you will spend a lot. I ate the local food and it was affordable for me. But housing is very expensive.
At KADINA BASE? That's where DAVID was too.
Yes, Kadena AB. I was there from 80-83, jet engine mechanic in Transient Alert/Base Flight (if that means anything to David).
He was there from 84-87.....just missed ya! He was in missiles or some such stuff. His last assignment was Joint Forces
I was at Kadina from 2 months old until I was almost 6. XD My friend is out there now with her family. I can't wait to go visit! I'm thinking about going back to Japan to teach English after I get my IT degree.


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