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I'm on alot of discussion and I noticed today on several,quite a few folks,are simply just complaing and dissing America out. YOU absolutly have that right,but i'm wondering WHY still live here then? There are many countries world wide that welcome Americans. Did you know you can live in the Domican Republic (In a nice condo) for $40,000 a year? You can! IRELAND loves Americans and Zihuataneyo,Mexico is looking for American teachers,starting at the $35,000 US a year,you,I,I travel and check into this stiuff alot. we have been thinkng of moving to Florida or the US Virgin Islands for awhile. For ALL of you pissing and moaning so much about America,do you think other countries give you more freedom,.economic worth,standard of living? Have you SEEN any other couintrues? So why if you obviously HATE it so much here,the government,the laws,the military,are you still here? FRANKLY,I love America,from military family and the freedoms still here. It is NOT perfect,but where do you think that it is? Why stay?

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Justin, at your age the very best you could have done is to have voted in 2 presidential elections. Hardly expert material in the eyes of the people you have been 'disagreeing' with.

You're right, there have been 2 that I may or may not have participated in. One does not need to be an expert to have a valid opinion, nor does one have to be aged to attain expertise in anything. Voting in presidential elections also does not grant expertise in anything.

As for you opinion of what people on the internet either do or do not 'think' of you, quite simply, they do not think of you at all, or anyone else either for that matter.

I understand this, what I was referring to was the personal attacks that have no place here.

There is no proof to be presented regarding my opinion that the 'love it or leave it' mentality is ignorant. Yet, maybe you yourself should take a look at what you just wrote as it could have prevented a lot of garbage between the two of us due to your assumptions and attacks on me that were not based on any fact at all.
I have no want to understand the frame of mind that agrees with our rights and freedoms being usurped, or one that believes that since we still have some freedoms we should not complain about the ones being taken. I have no ill will towards you sir and wish you well. I do agree that ceasing communication between us is best, though as I said before in this thread, I did not come to PS for political discussions, but I got called out for trying to back out of this. I cannot argue that I could do more to attempt to remedy the things I complain of, nor can I argue that I am not a lazy lump of crap in the greater scheme of things... I can only say that there are 2 things which I am good at, that being computers and music, music being the thing that I am choosing to attempt to scrape out a living off of. I do not discount your opinions or experiences or wisdom, just the manner in which you tried to impart it on me.

My wife is very close to becoming a mathematics teacher and I am eternally thankful for her, as she is also a musician (alto saxophone, and singer) and she loves me enough to allow me to pursue music exclusively. Neither of us are after wealth, and I am thankful that I am not going to have to sell myself out and will be able to be fulfilled in my music. My goal of opening and operating a recording studio is simply because I am not dumb enough to rely on selling my own music to make a living, a music studio provides me with outlet to record and produce my music while making money recording and producing others' music.
I love this country and its core ideas ..and thats why I bitch when I see something going is the bitchers and those who complain about minor issues that keep the minor issues from growing into real ones..
The reason this country works is precisely because it operates that way
I believe in the power of government and culture to effect positive change ...I believe in democracy etc etc ...but I take nothing on faith...As the Gipper himself once said ...Trust but verify
Voting, sometimes voting won't work due to too many opposition's. Look at those that try to legalized weed and lost... If we vote for something good, then ignorant will vote against it and we fail because ignorance runs rapid throughout society. Even If I did voted on something, I still had a chance to lose. Voting really don't solve much problems with today society, and that's why some people tend to do it on their own way... the forceful way.
Any American that does not appreciate what we have despite it's faults (we are only a matter of hundreds of years old as opposed to other Countries) needs to go to a 3rd World Country and live there for 2 weeks. (that's all it will take to make them appreciate simple things like garbage pick-up, cleanliness and grocery stores with an unlimited amount of choices.)
Are we screwed up in some areas? Yes. But we are FREE! If people would quit voting for the semetrical person here that tells them everything they want to hear we would be better off. Quit voting your rights away people and things will get better. Take advantage of the education you are offered!!!!!! people in other countries are slaving for it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I live down the street from the Cherokee. I agree. It is getting better due to the Casinos however. Sad, better? ~~~sigh~~
The Tribes storyteller works at the Museum.
I have to say however, that even the Americans in the Ghetto have garbage pick-up and get section 8 and foodstamps. They don't in Egypt. In Egypt you have to buy an apartment, NO RENT!!!!! No rent for them. They live with their parents until they can go to college (if they are a boy) and then they can get married and have a home. ALL taken for granted here in the states.
Let's not forget all the other Countries who are selling their own daughters into prostitution or "mail order bride" catalogs. I am perfectly HAPPY to be an American girl!
THAT would straighten up our American "Road Ragers" now wouldn't it?
I wish I could "like" this. LOL!
I agree with this one 150% TAO! There is simply NO excuse for driving while intoxicated. One is basically playing Russian Roulette with a HUGE gun...


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