Complaining About Living In The United States Of America........

I'm on alot of discussion and I noticed today on several,quite a few folks,are simply just complaing and dissing America out. YOU absolutly have that right,but i'm wondering WHY still live here then? There are many countries world wide that welcome Americans. Did you know you can live in the Domican Republic (In a nice condo) for $40,000 a year? You can! IRELAND loves Americans and Zihuataneyo,Mexico is looking for American teachers,starting at the $35,000 US a year,you,I,I travel and check into this stiuff alot. we have been thinkng of moving to Florida or the US Virgin Islands for awhile. For ALL of you pissing and moaning so much about America,do you think other countries give you more freedom,.economic worth,standard of living? Have you SEEN any other couintrues? So why if you obviously HATE it so much here,the government,the laws,the military,are you still here? FRANKLY,I love America,from military family and the freedoms still here. It is NOT perfect,but where do you think that it is? Why stay?

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In Japan and China if you do not do well in school or are a troublemaker you are allowed to work at the docks. PERIOD! School is a privilege NOT a right! ALSO......due to selective abortion and being graciously allowed to have ONE child many there have chosen to have boys. There are not many females to pick from if you don't get a good job. Sooooooooo "dock boy" never gets married let alone just getting laid.
This guy didn't lose his freedom...just 3 months pay!!!!! Where would you be without 3 months pay? I'd be homeless.
BUT!!!!! That guy in that example is a newspaper reporter...NOT the average citizen.
Bottom line...if you Murder someone in get sentenced to life and do 8 yrs. due to overpopulation in the jail. ??????????ONE of the f*cked up things about America.
Damn! I'll take a night in the clinker and a fine over that still!
Hey! Don't forget an eye for an eye in Turkey!
Why complain about living in America? Wasn't this country built out of years of dissent? I realize that copious amounts of hard work and sacrifice were ultimately what lead to the prosperity of the good ol' US of A but I'm sure there was enough bitching beforehand.
I complain alot. Not so much about *living* here but more about how those of us who work long hours for shit wages consistently get fucked by the upper 1%. When I complain I'm usually just blowing off steam. And yes things like getting practically fisted just to board an airplane for the illusion of guaranteed safety get me fired up. If some TSA agent touched my wife or kids the way I've seen them do on some of the video clips I've seen, he'd be picking up his teeth with broken fingers. But I don't fly much so I have no right to form an opinion, apparently. I did spend 4 years in the Navy doing Aircraft Firefighting and Launch Recovery work, which even included responding to an unidentifiable and possibly volatile abandoned package on the tarmac at Gitmo Bay Cuba, so that should count for something.
Hell as much as I hate to say it this TSA thing is easily as slimy as anything that happened under Dubya.

And the voting thing. I vote sometimes. I voted the last 3 Presidential elections. I didn't vote during this last midterm election because of one little thing... the whole thing reminded me of the Douche and Turd episode of South Park. Not once did I see a positive ad that highlights the approach the candidates plan on using for dealing with issues people care about. The ads were all smear campaigns and attack ads. "My candidate once ate Elmer's school glue in 2nd grade so you should vote for me instead". When literally EVERY candidate running for EVERY position comes across as childish and unprofessional on that scale, I just assume sit this one out. Let the people who favor a candidate and whose hearts are truly in it vote and not do it simply because "you have no right to bitch if you don't vote". Thats what I think real democracy is. But I'll probably get called out for being unpatriotic and a traitor to my country because I see things differently.

This 'love it or leave it attitude cracks me up". I'm pissed because the bulk of the laws created over the last several years are more directed at limiting and infringing private citizens than anything else. Like we're in an Orwellian society. But when I say this, I'm venting, not hating America. Quite the Contrary.

Really what it comes down to is responsibility on both ends. Holding a political office is a service term to the people. I think this career politician standard has to go. As does being able to determine their own salary. (Wouldn't that be swell). I think many of the officeholders, if not most, have the right intentions but while seeking to solve problems end up becoming the problem. Like a saying I once heard-- you don't change the devil, the devil changes you. And private citizens need to pull our collective heads out of our asses as well. We're too busy with our text messaging, video games, mp3 players, Kindles to realize that there is a soulful world out there that none of the drudgery of our consumer-driven, Republicrat-tarnished lives can touch if we don't let it. Its all in how happy, loyal, and loving we choose to be to ourselves, our families, our neighbors, and our nation.

And to Ancient One, to you Justin might seem like a pampered little boy whose balls haven't even dropped yet by what little you know about him from his PS page, but lighten up on the presumptuous attitude. Particularly about his age. Hell by the time I was 19 I was responsible for nearly half a million $ worth of a Crash/Rescue aircraft firetruck and its necessary equipment. Plus the lives of the 2 crewmembers on it. So its weirdly insulting for me to see you call him out for being too young or not worldly enough at 25 to own up to bullshit. I mean this out of respect.

/diatribe off

THANK YOU for your service!!! Not many 19 year olds are put in such a position in the military......THIS is YOU. I dont believe Justin is sharing your experience,however.......


"Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free; the wretched refuse of your teeming shores. Send these, the hopeless, wretched waste to thee. I lift my lamp above the Golden Shores. The golden shores, the golden shores, the golden shores. . ."

This inscription on the base of the Statue of Liberty was a gift from France and damn it those French really get it today (with new demographics the Romans could still recognise) and what an awesome place I will soon be calling home.

Many separate condos in Chateaus like my very exclusive and historic Chateau D'Anjou (even open to the public and hosting extravigant dinners to diners nightly) will be my joys to tend during the last years of my life and well deserved!

Start saying Io Saturnalia!!!
Comtes Geoffrey septime Comptes D'Anjou

PS take a stick and whack Peter Mc? up side the head, stay out of my sourcebooks Them's Jeffie's toys. Mother would leave King Tut alone and so should he. . .
Of couse we already have a Condo on Lexington Av in the Big Apple and plan another for my hometown Des Moines just for business purposes. . .

They just can't get rid of the anti-christ can they?


Is it just me or did I see a pig head, shaved and bristly exclaim:" America - Love it or leave it" But I thought the anti-christ was taking over? Yes indeed gotta love it then.
I Love America. The only piece of dogma I have ever believed in throughout my entire life is the Bill of Rights. I'd die for those rights and for my country. My dad fought in the Korean War, his brothers in WWII and his father in both World Wars. He taught me love of country.

As an American who loves her country, I have a responsibility to keep my eyes open and to speak up and to take action when I feel I should. The government is not America and America often needs to be protected from it. If we shirk our responsibilities as citizens, we can't claim a love of country.

And, by the way, yes, most of western Europe offers the same or more "freedom, economic worth, standard of living" as the US. Yes, I've seen other countries and lived outside the US.


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