Ive been looking for a coven or a group to learn from and help me grow but i cant find one at all.


Does anyone know of any good ones?  If not any advice on starting my own?

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Hello Anthony and welcome to Pagan Space.
Now about your questions. Need some info ok.
Do you want a local coven or an online one? I see your in the service, so if your deployed right now an online one would be your best bet, I do believe. But it's a personal preference ya know.
Also you should find a group that thinks the way you do. Have the same basic beliefs in their path as you do. Other wise you just won't be happy and be back to looking for a coven in no time.
I personally follow witchcraft. but no i am home now so i can do a local coven its just i really have no idea on how to find people that believe like me. people usually do not go around announcing their beliefs like that.

thanks for the greetings too :)

blessings to all of you.
Witchcraft is rather a broad subject. Do you tend to lean towards one particular path, like, celtic, wicca, etc.... or do you not follow a religious tone with your witchcraft? a bit of an eccentric?

try searching online... look up local metaphysical shops they may have info on others in the area or are a part of group. Like Lady Aletria said witchvox is a good site also.
Are you still serrving? If so, you can very likely find a group of like minded fellow service members within your unit or extended unit. Paganism is a growing religious choice in the Military.
check out your local stores, ask around, do a online search like : Iowa pagan" see what you can come up with....and if you find something open up a dialog...and see what happens. Don't expect it to happen over night, be patient.....good luck ....

thanks everyone for the advice and i will use all of it. blessings to all of you.
Iooowaaaa? I'm in Iowa (:
Ahhhh... council bluffs? Booooo I live in des moines. Not exactly local ):


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