This is a very special year.  It ends in lucky "11" --
which I feel signifies hope.

I am ready to create a magical, beautiful year.  Please, feel free, feel hope, feel your creative energy surge.  We
can co-create this year to be the year we've always hoped for.

Peace (and a very, merry New Year to you [plural]),

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Or we could raise the anti for 2012 and make this next year hell.  Last years body count was just over 250,000 people.  So, 2011 should be at least 10x that.  And of course, 2012 is targeted at 7 billion.


If you are going to create hope, at least make it do something... hope for ____________ ?  Don't just feed the ether power.




Do not be ofended Libramoon, but Firewae is right. You never know what other would hope.


The Other may hope as it will.  Let my will expand my hope to create that which pleases me.  And, for you, the same.  Enjoy the creating ~  what more could we hope to do?

"The Other may hope as it will."

I know that some ( many ) people around the earth do not will the best for us ... I would really not that their hope will not be achived.

Do not forget, most of us are Witches. For us, what we whish is never innocent.


Their hope may well be achieved, for them.  It doesn't have to enter into you.  That's the thing with hope:  we each choose our own, like, you know, reality.  That is, if we are Witches (or otherwise self-creators).

"Their hope may well be achieved, for them"

I can not agree with that Libramoon because "it WILL enter into me".

I agree that everybody should have the freedom to follow his own choices BUT everybody has also the freedom to protect himself. That begins by not wishing that other's harmfull hopes may be achieved.


Well then, Nov 11 should be VERY lucky, since it will be 11/11/11 :)


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