I believe dance has long been a part of many spiritual paths. I know for myself,there is nothing more magical and empowering than that dance around a huge,energetic balefire with the Celtic drums going crazy. I saw an Aztec dance reenactmnt in Mexico too. Very nice. Does dance enter into your path or religion? How?

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Very true,this is the way I see it too....the spirit,drums and the dance are one
Wow Robert!.......that must have been wonderful to have done that.
Great expression of how the music and the spirit can move you.
I love dancing! I'll admit that most of my dancing is on the nightclub floor but a dark goth club with fog can lend itself to a very spiritual experience. I have recently been doing shamanic journeys and dance before going into the journey to groove into a trance state. I've been in a few drum circles and loved it, the energy is just so powerful.
I thought you might like to be aware of this online resource group:


Healing Dance Network - a web between the various healing dance studies,
theories, practitioners and proponents through which to find, share and
expand knowledge and understanding into the possibilities and realities of
healing through dance. I am hoping you will let us know about your own
search and findings and how we might work together to bring our learning
Dancing around a balefire,bonfire,drum circle is great!! How many do this on a regular basis? Why do you find it empowering?

Not as much as I used to. I find it more annoying than empowering but I suppose visibility is important at night. I don't prefer to trance around a fire if I can help it.
I see your style of dancing as art and empowering just in its own form,though. One time I performed a ballet set to Dantes inferno. it was very weird,but I enjoyed it too. VERY heavy and deep music.,probably why i enjoy the free flow of the drums.....now. I see beauty and magick in ALL forms of dance.

Sin filmed me trancing last night so when she loads that onto youtube I'll show you what that looks like.
Please do!! You know,if I was closer,I'd be in the front row at your dance classes.....Its a pain to cross that damn tunnel! To do one thing on the Vbeach side,I add 3 hour driving time in with the shithole traffic....You and SIN have all the fun!

Performed in dedication to Mithras. *Adoratio*

This is a theatrical presentation set to Stellamara's Kyrie Eleison. The Kyrie Eleison is one of the oldest pieces of music in recorded history, dated to the 3rd century AD, it is believed to have been derived from a similar earlier hymn to Mithras. This version repeats the phrase, "Lord Have Mercy" again and again; the chant was once popular with pilgrims and soldiers who would beg for relief of their various ailments and woes. In this performance Spoon is playing a devotee of Mithras who is badly wounded in battle and, rather than suffer a slow painful death or capture, opts for honorable suicide. Watch for chironomia such as the sign of the bull and use of the red scarf to symbolize the grievous wound.

Here's the video I mentioned yesterday.


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